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Neuronia: Under the Same Sky

November 23, 2015


If you always wanted a little bit of everything all in one album, then Neuronia is the band for you. The main focus of the band is thrash, but within their newest effort Under the Same Sky they touch on a little bit of everything. For the majority of the album you hear fiery thrash, but the band does end up flirting with death metal as well as a couple of ballads. The thrash that Neuronia plays isn’t your typical thrash now ask questions later. Instead the brand of thrash that these gents play is quite melodic.

Through each of the eleven songs you get something quite different than what you heard in the song before. As mentioned, most of the album is thrash fueled, but in certain instances you get different elements that make their way through the sonic riffage wall.

In songs such as the title track, Neuronia touch a little bit on the death metal side of things, but they never stray too very far from their origins. At other points you get ballad like songs such as An Elegy and Dialogues of a Love Lost you get the softer side of things and songs that tug a little at the heart strings. And yet even though the songs are softer than some of the others, that burning thrash formula is still very present.

Around every corner in Under the Same Sky there is a surprise lurking and waiting to jump you. Not a single song sounds copied and pasted into the next. Neuronia mixes and matches several different genres throughout this eleven track release which shows an immense amount of variation. That variation keeps the listener hooked and wanting to listen more. Under the Same Sky is smooth and crisp and the production is clean and silky.

Neuronia has an innate ability to capture moments and bend you to their will. There is no shaking, slithering, rattling or humming here as Neuronia flows as steady and smooth as a river. Working their way through several different genres, Neuronia sew together infectious riff after infectious riff. They ladle up powerful thrash attacks supplemented by the calculated drumming only to be backed by a thick and ever prominent bass. Over the course of the album the vocalist switches from sultry and velvety cleans to melodious yet strong roars.

In the forty-two minutes that it takes you to listen to this, you travel through not only thrash, but death metal, as well as hints of sludge, and you even get to hear an instrumental toward the end and two ballads. There are many albums that do a little of everything and those albums sound a little helter skelter. Neuronia takes different genres and sounds and mashes them together and creates a sound that is whole and overall fun to listen to and headbang to until your heart is content.

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