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Funeral Marmoori: The Deer Woman

November 24, 2015


If there were awards for most interesting and intriguing album covers, Funeral Marmoori and their album The Deer Woman would make a strong bid for the first place prize. The cover art is eye catching, confusing, and definitely something that will get you talking. It’s vibrant and mysterious and if that is what these Italian doom dealers were going for, then bravo. Just the album cover alone is enough to get you to listen, and if you think the cover is majestic, the music is just as if not more majestic.

Funeral Marmoori is a band that you look at and wouldn’t expect to be as heavy as they are or pack as hard of a punch as they do, but man do they pack a fucking punch. Funeral Marmoori takes doom and twists it into something of their own.

Not only does Funeral Marmoori have glacier slow doom elements, but injected into the music are some galloping and head stomping progressive rock elements as well. As a matter of fact for the most part The Deer Woman leans toward that progressive rock category.

With those progressive rock elements that Funeral Marmoori work so seamlessly into their doom, they throw a very entertaining, romping, headbanging, and a type of majesty into their songs.

As each song progresses it almost takes a life of its own. When you start a new song you never really know what direction you will be going in or where the song will stop, and that quite frankly is the beauty of The Deer Woman.

Once Funeral Marmoori get their cloven hooves on you and sinks their fangs into you, you’re hooked and there is no going back. As hard as you try, The Deer Woman seduces you back into the music and you begin to relax and lay there in a trance. The room starts to spin, and sooner or later you find yourself among spirits and apparitions that you weren’t quite aware of previously.

You become so very engrossed in the music that time melts away and the only thing that there is left to do is to just go with the melodious flow and surrender yourself to the hypnotic power of Funeral Marmoori.

Each riff is as powerful as they are melodic, the drumming is rhythmic, the bass sludgy and thick and the vocals pour over the music like honey. There is a sweet touch that Funeral Marmoori adds to their slick brand of doom, and that extra element is an organ. The organ is played in the background for the most part but that doesn’t mean it is any less a part of the idea of The Deer Woman or any less important.

The organ spreads a glaze of deadly mystique over each offering and it adds an almost haunting feeling to it as well. The overall feeling of the music is haunting and cryptic and the addition of the organ accentuates each instrument, each lyric, and really drives home what Funeral Marmoori are trying to do.

If there is a doom album that you are looking for to add to your collection, The Deer Woman is that addition, or if you are just looking for some groovy, funky and psychedelic jams, The Deer Woman is also a great selection. No matter which way you slice the doom pie, you can’t go wrong with some Funeral Marmoori.

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