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Dark Symphonica: Immersion

November 26, 2015

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Hailing from Australia is Dark Symphonica and they bring to you their newest release which was unleashed at the very beginning of November. Immersion is a seven track symphonic metal behemoth that spans almost an hour. Who really needs movies when you have an album that is almost an hour long and weaves tales that are just as good if not better? Through Immersion you really do become immersed and submerged in the world that Dark Symphonica has created.

With an album that is this long, Dark Symphonica does a great job of keeping the listener intrigued and engrossed in what is happening. there is a lot that can be said about a band that keeps someone’s attention past five seconds. And with all of the moving pieces and with their songs that sound like fairy tales, Dark Symphonica lays out whimsical and entertaining soundscapes.

Instead of beginning songs with a sonic blast of ramming metal, Dark Symphonica begin with atmospheric pieces that in turn melt into gripping and sonic metal. The symphonies mix very well with the heavier metal elements as neither the symphonies nor the metal over shadow one or the other.

Each song brings dual personalities to the table. At points you succumb to honey sweet melodies and smooth symphonies and at other points you have no choice but to headbang and completely rock out.

With both of those elements at play, Dark Symphonica gives you great diversity and variation with each song. Immersion is almost like a story book (or at least it is to me) that is the kind of feeling you get when listening to these compositions.

The reason for that feeling is because all in one song you get everything that you would when reading a book. You get the sweet melodious intros, the heavy and hard hitting story line, the climax of the song where the band breaks down into heavier bludgeoning riffs, then you get the end which is more symphonic and soft than the larger mid section of the song.

The musicianship throughout is solid and well executed. You get thunderous drumming, acrobatic and dizzying guitar work, a heavy rhythmic bass and sweet soaring angelic cleans from the vocalist. The album feels whole and cohesive and each song feeds off one another.

From beginning to end Immersion is a wonderous listen, one that makes you headbang just as much as it gets you lost in the Dark Symphonica wonderland. This album is for any symphonic metal fan, and would sit pretty next to your Epica albums.

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