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Eritherium: Polar

November 26, 2015


Progressive metal is pretty polarizing, either you like it or you don’t there really isn’t an in between. Polarization is something that can be said for bands as well. Either you get a band that is trying entirely too hard to sound progressive or you get a band that just naturally sounds progressive. Australia natives Eritherium fall into that latter category, and with their new release Polar, Eritherium display great ability to create death metal and make it more accessible and approachable with the progressive elements that they instill throughout.

A lot of lengthy albums can make your mind wander as they trail off into a void of emptiness. That void of nothingness in progressive metal is something that you want to avoid of course. The average attention span of an adult is about five minutes and that may even be too generous, and with that being mentioned a band that does play lengthy songs needs something to hook a listener in and be memorable enough to have multiple listens.

With Polar you end up being engrossed with each song and following the path that they weave without questioning it. Eritherium is captivating and keeps you in a trance long enough for you to listen to the album in its entirety in one sitting without breaking your concentration.

Polar is a death metal album that is only approached from a different angle. Even though these Australian death dealers have some progressive tricks up their sleeves the death metal elements are never compromised.

Eritherium keep all of the death metal roars and gravely growls as well as keep the heavy bass but they work in smooth progressive elements as well to round the jagged death metal edges.

Even though the death is still there, it isn’t your traditional blast, grind, and eviscerate type of death. Instead of being that blunt force trauma type of band, Eritherium act as the cold hand of death that leads you down a dark abyssal corridor unto your timely demise.

Polar isn’t as brutish, but it still packs plenty of punch and can throttle your neck whenever they please. However, that is not something that they do. The stance they take and the music that flows through your speakers is more dream and trance like. Maybe the dreams aren’t exactly what you would like them to be as they are more than likely cold, dark, and shockingly isolating.

The trance like state that you end up slipping into is in large part brought to you by the slick guitar work that is equal parts light as well as doom bringing. The heavy riffage is supplemented by melancholy solos, mesmerizing drumming, and a thick and sweet like honey bass.  The harsher elements are portrayed in the vocals which are throat numbing.

Overall the sweet kiss of death from this progressive band is sweeter when it is brought to you by layers upon layers of different sounds and slick musicianship. Polar is a listen that makes you fall deep into thought, just don’t fall too deep, we won’t come looking for you.

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