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Zierler: ESC

November 29, 2015

Zierler ESC coverart

Progressive metal juggernauts Zierler just recently released ESC last month. Juggernaut is a pretty appropriate word to use when describing both Zierler and their new album. ESC is jam packed with eleven songs and the entire album reaches over the one hour mark. As long albums go, and especially with this one, there is a lot to let sink in and there is a lot of material that you need to listen to more than once to really get the feeling the full effect of ESC.

ESC is entirely dizzying since there are so many different working elements that you have to pay attention to all at one time. Each song moves swiftly yet very steady and even though the songs are definitely long they never make you feel fatigued at the end of each listen.

Zierler paint a vast soundscape with their music transporting your brain all over the vast world that they create with ESC. Zierler push the progressive envelope and never look back to apologize for either experimenting or just straight sounding how they sound.

You either accept the fact that this large chunk of progressive goodness is getting shoved down your throat, or you fight it and have it shoved down there anyway. The choice is yours, but the album does have a certain ability to trap you within it and become fixated on what is going to happen next in any one of the songs.

None of the songs sound similar which is refreshing. You get a different sound through every song which keeps your attention as well as keeps you entertained and not wanting to turn anything off. The way in which Zierler keep you engrossed is by sewing a lot of different musical elements together to create a heavy hitting yet approachable sound.

Through the heavy and technical riffage the obese bass and the category 5  hurricane style drumming, Zierler inject wonderful sounding synths to compliment the heavier side of things as well as move the story along. The synths never over power anything. As a matter of fact they enhance the music and create a sense of wonderment and awe.

Pouring over the impeccable musicianship are soulful and honey sweet cleans. Once in a blue moon throughout the album, those cleans give way to a scream but those screams never last long at all. Through ESC the vocals are powerful and moving.

After a few listens and after letting everything sink in for a moment, ESC grows on you and one listen turns into many and after a while you may even catch yourself singing along to the music. With ESC, Zierler create beautiful compositions that are sure to speak to many as this listen is one that makes you rock out as well as just feel good overall. There is something in this release for everyone, and given one or two listens you more than likely will find your gem.

Check out a song titled Dark to the Bone off of ESC below!

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