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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Black Blood: Self Titled

November 30, 2015


One blasphemous night Black Blood was born-whether the band remembers it or not-and this self titled release you’re reading about was born. That night, one of debauchery and blasphemy something incredibly groovy and completely headbanging was born. This self titled features thirteen undeniably catchy and hard rocking tracks that are sure to get you off your seat and make you move. Black Blood is stoner metal to the core, and debauchery is their game and they embody the metal name.

There is no denying that Black Blood are trying to break the mold of that generic stoner metal tag as they implement some thrash and blues into the mix as well. And whether they implement that or not there’s no denying that Black Blood is a stoner metal band.

Whichever tag anyone-including me-decides to put on them, their brand of music is infectious and just kicks you in the gut whether you’re ready for it or not. There’s something about the style of play that is so unapologetic and real and that really drives each song home.

Black Blood never tries to shy away from what they are and that helps them on this release. No matter what the tag, they mix in thrash and the occasional blues tone as well creating something of their own.

Each song is real and just as hard working and blue collar as the band that plays them. Real life struggles, perserverances, blood, sweat and tears come through  each song. There’s emotion that runs throughout every song and that is very apparent listening to this self titled.

There’s no shortage of dirty, and down right gritty slap in the face riffs with this self titled release. Working themselves into the fold are soulful and sweet guitar solos that you can’t help but to air guitar to. The drumming is sound and pounds its way through your skull no matter how hard you fight it and the bass that backs every song  is there to provide that extra crunch and punch in the gut. Over the top of the gritty bluesy and stoner metal riffs are smokey and forceful riffs that make themselves known and hook you right in and have you buy into the music.

No matter how much groove that Black Blood injects into their music, you simply can’t ignore the fact that that there are other aspects to their music that make it enjoyable. From the bluesy solos and the smokey vocals, to the sound drumming and the crunchy riffs, this self titled is enjoyable and a hard rocking album that’s hard not to get up and move to.

The self titled album will be released December 18th in Finland and January 22nd internationally next year through Inverse Records.

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