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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Proll Guns: Horseflesh BBQ

December 31, 2015

Proll Guns -  Horseflesh BBQ Coverartwork

When you take a look at the song titles on Horseflesh BBQ and see titles like: Texas Banjo Massacre, From Texas To Hell, and Southern Slavery you would have to assume that Proll Guns is from America, or at least Texas. If that was the assumption, then that assumption would be wrong. Proll Guns is indeed from Austria and these fine gents play western thrash ‘n’ roll as they have deemed it. Each of the ten songs on this new release rolls and bucks with the best of them as it gives you fits every time you try to tame it.

Horseflesh BBQ is an entirely entertaining album, one that supplies a years worth of entertainment at least. Once you begin listening, you need more and more Horseflesh BBQ to satisfy your sickening needs. Just a little taste of flesh isn’t enough, you need to stuff your face full of as much Horseflesh BBQ as you can until you feel as though your stomach is going to burst.

This album is infectious and has enough grooves to choke a horse. Every song romps, bucks, thrashes and maims all the way until the end. Proll Guns and their new release is a bucking bronco that just cannot be tamed, and if you try and try as hard as you wish, you will get hurt and you will get bucked off.

Horseflesh BBQ begins with Texas Banjo Massacre which is a nice two minute intro that predominantly features a banjo of course. This intro is just a lead in for the ride that you are about to take on the back of a pissed off bull. This intro is a taste of things to come and is something to ease you into the album, instead of whipping you around and searing with a brand.

After the intro Proll Guns takes no time spurring their album along as every song gallops along dragging you behind like a tranquilized slab of meat. Horseflesh BBQ has no sympathy and no sense of when to slow down and let you take a breather. The album keeps punishing and keeps bucking even after it is completed.

Each riff is filled with grit and soaked in whisky and tobacco. The drums trot along stomping your head in like spooked horse. In the foreground is a bass thick enough to chew on and one that is strong enough to beat you into submission. Over the music are the vocals that sound as though they have been soaked in bourbon and coated in chewing tobacco. Floating along side each romping riff are solos that transition from blistering to bluesy.

This ten track album straps you in and takes you for a thrashing ride. Horseflesh BBQ makes you feel as though you are sitting around a campfire drinking whisky and smoking cigars telling bat shit crazy hunting stories. It is almost atmospheric without meaning to be, but what they do mean to do is get you out of your seat and thrashing around like a madman.


Ascendor: Drive My Demons Away

December 31, 2015

Ascendor - Drive My Demons Away Artwork

If a thrash attack is what you are looking for, or just an interesting listen overall, Ascendor has the tunes for you. Ascendor is an interesting thrash attack that not only applies the old school style of thrash now ask questions later, but they also add somewhat of a new spin. Instead of force feeding the listener their lunch every minute of every song, Ascendor adds a fair amount of atmosphere and melody to their music. Not just being straight forward thrash adds more depth and volume to the music giving the listener more to absorb.

Ascendor and their brand of thrash is dangerous. They are terrifyingly fast, gives you whiplash and not only that but it lures you in with the promise that it won’t harm you like other thrash albums have. The fact of the matter is that Drive My Demons Away does harm you and causes plenty of bodily harm just so there’s no way that you can escape its clutches.

Ascendor plays an old school style of thrash with a newer twist on it. Instead of playing just straight up and down thrash metal, and instead of trying to twist our heads off all of the time, they tend to slow songs down to make them a little more palatable and to create a sense of atmosphere. If each song was pure and blistering every second of the album, there is no way that you wouldn’t combust.

Not only is Drive My Demons Away blazing thrash metal, but it almost wanders into death metal territory every now and again. Instead of playing those inferno like riffs and rhythms, some of the songs feature romping and battering death metal riffs and sounds. You don’t just get thrash that already throws you around the room like a rag doll, but you get a touch of savage death as well.

Ascendor has a certain anger and evil about them that when they play you feel darkness bubbling from your speakers and a singeing inferno spouting from your ears. There’s just something about their sound that makes them cross a line into a darker realm.

Within Drive My Demons Away you find piercing riffs, galloping and somersaulting drums, a bass thick enough and powerful enough to sink San Francisco. Where the death metal begins to creep in a little bit is with the vocals. The vocalist doesn’t scream or yell how a traditional vocalist does, but his voice a a little more raspy and gravel filled bordering more on the death metal side of the spectrum. Perhaps all of that put together is what makes the evil creep through and the anger shine.

With all of its spite and general disgust of the human race, Drive My Demons Away isn’t without its melody and charm. Throughout the entire album you witness melodic and chaotic guitar solos and slowed tempos to create a certain kind of atmosphere. But as mentioned before, the majority of the album is a rude thrash awakening. Ascendor is a blazing mass of metal fury, and Drive My Demons Away is a great thrash album to bang your head to and cause as much mayhem as possible to.


Supreme Carnage: Sentenced By The Cross

December 30, 2015

Supreme Carnage.jpg

Supreme Carnage is no stranger to the Cadaver Garden website as Sentenced By The Cross was briefly reviewed in an addition of Monday Morning Mayhem here. Sentenced By The Cross was officially released on December 18th this year by Redefining Darkness, and with this release the label very well could have redefined darkness. Supreme Carnage is purely old school death metal and live to do nothing more than torch everything in their path. You will be laid to waste, carnage will be spread and maximum destruction will be released upon listening to this album.

Having been founded in 2010 and being a fairly new band, it seems as though Supreme Carnage has done their homework old school death metal. They sound as though they belong when death metal was just hitting its stride, and yet with their older sound comes a new approach, a focused approach and a fresh take on modern death metal.

Once this rolling ball of severed heads gets rolling there isn’t much you can do to keep it from pounding you into the pavement and making human jelly out of you. Supreme Carnage eviscerates and emaciates you hanging you out to dry like a putrid piece of art.

The name Supreme Carnage is incredibly fitting for this style of music, as each song comes equipped with a flamethrower and hacksaw to rip you limb from limb. Once you have been quartered and soaked in gasoline and set ablaze, Supreme Carnage buries you in a shallow and open grave for the animals to feast on your festering and fermenting flesh.

Sentenced By The Cross is a brutalizing album, one that doesn’t stop and isn’t afraid of our puny screams and cries for help. The more blood that they spill the more they want to continue with your slaughter and the slaughter of others.

Supreme Carnage does death metal right. They never compromise and they always stay true to their death metal roots. They are as gore soaked as it gets and as heavy as you could possibly imagine. Taking a sledgehammer to the jaw would hurt less then facing your maker and staring death in the face once you open Sentenced By The Cross.

The entire album reeks of putrefied flesh and congealed blood. Bursting at the seams are massive amounts and mounds of body parts and entrails that are on display to show everyone that Supreme Carnage is a death metal force to be reckoned with.

Riffs are crisp and caked in blood, the drums are savage and beat you with a lead pipe as the bass distorts your brain sinking you into the darkness of dimentia. Over top the ravaging beating that is the musicianship are the vocals that are monstrous and yet understandable. The vocalists growls are powerful and destructive, yet they are clean and pure so you can understand what he is saying.

Supreme Carnage isn’t a death metal band without focus and without a direction. Their music isn’t scattered and strewn about like the mountains of limbs that they have culled over the years. Their music is focused, crisp, clean and technical. Old school death metal is on the rise again and so is Supreme Carnage. These German slaughterers know what it takes to bring the pain and supply incredible amounts of festering death metal. Keeping an eye on Supreme Carnage would be in your best interest; for some of the most sickening death metal and so you don’t become a part of their shallow grave collection.

Sentenced By The Cross is out now through Redefining Darkness Records!


Scarecell: New Horizons

December 30, 2015


It is a couple of weeks passed now, but never the less, Finland’s own Scarecell have released their new effort New Horizons. New Horizons is a four track effort from this five piece and you could label them and put the metalcore tag on them which would be more than fitting. Instead of labeling we can say that they just play metal. Scarecell mix in some keyboard play into their brand of metal to create more of an atmosphere and to give more feeling to their music to go along with the heavier down tuned chopping riffs and the bass heavy semi breakdowns.

The opener Buried Alive is the heaviest song of the album which sets the tone for the rest of the release. The other three are plenty heavy as well, but Buried Alive is a song that is more choppy and almost death metal oriented than the rest are. Having to listen to Buried Alive first has you realize that there is more heaviness to come and once New Horizons gets started the heaviness shows up in droves.

New Horizons isn’t heavy in the death metal or black metal sense of the word it just simply is, and as plain as that sounds it’s true. Scarecell focus their heavier attacks in more down tuned riffs which turn into semi breakdowns. Each song is very bass heavy as well that is only backed by solid pounding drumming.

There really is never a dull moment in this four track release. You get just about everything you could think of. You get the heavy riffs, you get the softer melodies and rhythms as well when needed, you get the heavy bass and you get plenty of atmosphere and added emotion with the keyboards. Over top all of the music that is happening and all of the riffs and pounding blasts from the drums are the vocals that soar between soft memorable cleans to ripping roars.

Scarecell does a great job of balancing heavier melodies with lighter ones giving the short release more feeling and emotion than it normally would with just one or the other. These gents from Finland get you headbanging and breaking shit with their solid buzzing riffage, and at the same time they get you singing your heart out with their soft cleans that soar through the night sky like an eagle. There is quite a bit here for everyone, and as short of a release as it is you will end up finding your gem(s).

New Horizons is out now through Inverse Records.

Krallice: Ygg Huur

December 29, 2015


Krallice plays what is known as technical black metal. And before you ask what that really is, as yourself if old school black metal is technical or even new black metal. Of course there is always a degree of technicality, but Krallice takes technicality and spits in its face. Krallice bend technicality at will and shape it to create their own unique sound. Ygg Huur isn’t on the same playing field as some other albums are as Krallice takes everything to new heights. There really isn’t anything like these New York based heathens, and many can try, but many may die trying.

Ygg Huur is an album that can’t be stopped, it is a tour de force. Ygg Huur is technical black metal at its finest, and the speed at which Krallice plays at jumps to different dimensions and warps and bends your mind like the pink putty that it is.

Ygg Huur is an album that stands completely by itself in a class all of its own. There isn’t anything like it, there are no sounds that match what Ygg Huur is. Krallice is a ball of explosive energy and all of it comes forth through this effort.

Krallice is an eruption of controlled chaos. They border on the insane and the sane ever since the first note. There is a thin line that they straddle, and if they cross on to one side the music may seem too muddied with technicality and on the other side of the line is just the wrong amount of technicality. Either way that Krallice could have taken their sound just wouldn’t have been Krallice.

Thankfully they found a way to straddle that line and take chaos by the horns.  Krallice keep a chaotic edge all throughout this release never slowing down once even after they put a gaping hole in your head and turn your brain to mush.

Krallice’s riffs never chug-a-long and their music is never overly technical and claustrophobic. Each riff is dissonant and cutting supplemented by tumultuous drumming and a buzzing bass. The vocals are massive and cold, curdling the blood of any one who dares to listen.

Ygg Huur is an astounding album played by an exceptional band. This review may not have done the music justice, but nothing really can. You have to listen and let the brilliance of Krallice sink in. Ygg Huur is an album that needs to be listened to numerous times. One listen won’t cut it, and maybe even after the tenth it still won’t register. No matter the case there is no denying that Krallice is a monolith, they are a band to be reckoned with and Ygg Huur is an album that will land on most if not all year end lists.

Sadism: Alliance

December 29, 2015


Having been around since the eighties destroying homes and culling the weak, Sadism is no stranger to violence and gore. Alliance is their new album, and Alliance is an album that just doesn’t quit and doesn’t stop its slaughtering ways until it feels as though it is done. Through a thirty plus year existence, Sadism may be at the top of their death metal game as they sound as crisp, clean and focused as ever.

Alliance is the very first album by Sadism that is getting distributed internationally, which means they will be spreading their violence and disease all over the world. Sadism spread their misery and plague of utterly forceful and destructive death metal with twelve songs that top forty minutes. Their destructive and explosive nature comes naturally as nothing on this new release seems forced.

Being veterans of the death metal game, Sadism understands that in order to completely strip the listener of all hope of coming out of the other end alive and well, they need to play as devilishly fast and brutal as possible. With Alliance that is exactly what they accomplished. Never laying off the throttle, Sadism doesn’t just ease in to death metal warp speed; instead they grab you by the throat and shake you until you’re spilling your red squashed bowels all over the ground.

Sadism is pure old school death metal and nothing takes that away from them nor do they compromise that themselves. Sadism adds nothing but layers upon layers of sickening and stomach churning death metal upon layers of sickening and stomach churning death metal.

Alliance is piled to the ceiling with festering corpses and disease filled blood and maggot infested intestines. Upon listening, the death toll only rises as you will be added to the list of bodies that must be slain.

Sadism doesn’t care what or who you are, just so long as they can put a hole in your head tearing you limb from limb and drinking your blood as they do so. The brutalization and emaciation of your being begins at note one and doesn’t stop there. Alliance doesn’t stop until you have been swallowed whole by the ever sickening and blackening being that has come to claim you as its own.

A rumbling and erupting gurgling spews out into you ears infecting your mind corroding it until it is a soft pile of flesh. Riffs chainsaw you in half splitting you in two as the drums drill their way through your head. A thick bass is present giving each song a strong back bone and the vocals spew forth as though maggots have claimed your body and burst forth through a burning pustule.

Alliance is a festering, gurgling, searing pile of death metal that dares you to look it in its gnarled face. Once it rears its ugly head, there is no stopping Alliance from claiming you as its next victim. Sadism has yet again put out yet another death metal steamroller claiming the world’s population as their own to cull and destroy at their leisure.

Bone Gnawer: Canale Di Carneficina

December 28, 2015


International death metal bulldozers Bone Gnawer released their mini CD Canale Di Carneficina a couple of months ago. Canale Di Carneficina  features old songs, as well as songs that were not used on the new album. There are four songs total which come to a fifteen minute onslaught of pure and pulp filled death metal. There’s noting quite like looking a cannibal in the face, and Bone Gnawer provides that experience for you. They provide you with brutalizing and powerful death metal; death metal that shocks your system and hacks away at you as though you are a lamb to their slaughter.

For the entire four track trek through a maze of corpses and burning flesh you are at the mercy of Bone Gnawer. The more that you try to fight the more fun it is for them. Once the smell of blood hits their nostrils, there is no escaping the eviscerating wrath.

There isn’t much that you can do to save yourself from this blood thirsty band as killing and maiming is the only thing that they know how to do. Even at only four songs, Canale Di Carneficina  makes you feel as though you’ve had your limbs chopped and hacked off and the blood drained from your body.

Canale Di Carneficina  is a death metal sight to behold. The entire mini CD is powerful, and not only that but you get a good amount of groove and with that groove each song snakes and creeps its way into your brain latching on and draining the life from you.

There really isn’t a filter on Bone Gnawer and there will never be. They are a force to be reckoned with, and that force likes to pack as much gore and viscera into each song as possible. Bone Gnawer isn’t a murderer stalking their prey, they are a brute that takes you and strips your flesh from bone and dumps your body in a ravine just for fun.

Throughout the listen, your body goes through a number of torture techniques. Each riff leaves a cavernous hole in the side of your head as the drums blast their way through your sternum. Beneath the ripping riffs and the skull pounding drums lies a bass that tears flesh and drains marrow. Forcing its way into the music much like a battering ram that was set ablaze are the vocals that are volcanic and larynx shredding.

Canale Di Carneficina is devastation and raw power in every sense of the word. The slaughtering death metal power that Bone Gnawer possesses is immense and once the lobotomies commence, there is no stopping the brute force that is Bone Gnawer.

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