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December 1, 2015

ABATUAR - Vejaci+¦n de la Bestia-Fosa Com+¦n - cover.png

Central American metal is very much alive, and with the release of VEJACIÓN DE LA BESTIA/FOSA COMÚN  by blackened death metallers Abatuar they show just that. VEJACIÓN DE LA BESTIA/FOSA COMÚN a ripping and punishing album that takes absolutely no prisoners. Packed with sinister riffs and skull shattering drumming, Abatuar are a force to be reckoned with. They spread their metal plague with eight songs and a run time of twenty-two minutes, and they’ll be dammed if they stop in Panama. 

VEJACIÓN DE LA BESTIA/FOSA COMÚN is grizzly and burns black with hell fire. The overall sound of this eight track album is raw and filled with pure hate. Abatuar is bestial, savage and as dark as one would wish. 

As soon as the first track begins, you ultimately realize that you’ve unleashed a beast that isn’t tamable. Abatuar  seems as though they’ve been hiding for centuries and are just now ready to reek havoc among the world.

Abatuar has a sound that is old and crusty as if they’ve been woken up from their slumber in the crypts. The production gives it that preserved old feeling. You get crust, grime, grit and plenty of entrails within VEJACIÓN DE LA BESTIA/FOSA COMÚN.

The combination of black metal and death metal gives this savage band more room to brutalize you and consume your remains as their midnight sacrifice. Each song rips, slashes, hacks and dismembers with the best of them.

Through the entirety of the release, you feel as though you’re being stalked by a dark entity. Evil exudes from Abatuar and they never shy away from it. To create such a sound as Abatuar rips your soul to shreds with rusty chaotic riffs, spastic drumming, a thick and devastating bass as well as black metal banshee screeches.

With everything that Abatuar combines they create a sound and atmosphere that is jarring and startling, yet they keep you coming back by playing sound, technical and completely abyssal music. There isn’t anything that you can’t find in this release that is brain scrambling. The music sounds ancient, haunting and completely visceral. If gut twisting and throat slashing music is what you desire, Abatuar is here to fill the need.

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