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Psychosomatic: Clicking Sound Of A Hammer Pulled Back

December 3, 2015


Californian curb stomping and thrash warlords Psychosomatic release hell and fury with their new album Clicking Sound of A Hammer Pulled Back. While that album name is a mouthful, you’ll have your mouthful with the barrel of a gun upon listening to this album. Everything about thrash you could possibly want is jam packed in this new release that features twelve songs. Psychosomatic combine their thrash attack with a tinge of punk creating an angry and incredibly volatile release.

Psychosomatic is like that bully at school that picks on you because they can, because they’re bigger than you and stronger. They cause you bodily harm by shoving you down a flight of stairs or shoving you in that cozy locker you love so much. They’re like that, but instead they take it a step further than that, and after a listen to Clicking Sound of A Hammer Pulled Back you really do feel as though you’ve been through the ringer, not once, but a couple of times.

Psychosomatic and their new album is an adrenaline fueled, blood pumping experience that will end in your head being twisted off by the sheer amount of times your head will go in circles while headbanging. If you’re going to lose your cranium you may as well do it to neck twisting thrash.

CSOAHPB is a heaping mass of burning metal that twists, writhes, and snakes its way around your neck. The style of thrash in which Psychosomatic play is dizzying and disorienting to say the least. As per the thrash guidelines they play blistering fast laying waste to any opposing force and there is no rest between songs for you to catch your breath. Once you feel as though you’ve caught your breath you get gut checked again by these guitar, drum stick and mic wielding lads.

Psychosomatic keeps every song fresh by playing in the vein of old school thrash and yet keeping a newer sound about them at the same time. Within CSOAHPB you’ll find quite a bit of punk influences as well that drive the album forth like a flaming semi on a crash course with a TNT factory.

CSOAHPB is propelled by hair scorching and skin melting riffs with razor sharp solos, assaulting drums that hammer away at your splintering skull and a thick and undeniable bass. Over top the brain scrambling musicianship the vocalist screams and yells at you as though he’s a drill sergeant and you’re nothing but a fly on the wall to him.

Psychosomatic isn’t afraid to point the gun at you and pull it too. CSOAHPB is a blitzkrieg, it’s a hammer to the knee caps, it’s a neck twister, it’s whichever description you want to give it. The point is, is that is a straight thrash metal shot to your vein and the ride isn’t over until Psychosomatic says it’s over.

Check out a new song from Psychosomatic from Clicking Sound of A Hammer Pulled Back titled Grand Mal Seizure.

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