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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Zombieslut: Undead Commando

December 4, 2015


ZOMBIESLUT -CD- Undead Commando

Plenty of bands can try to sound like their name, but Zombieslut certainly sounds like their name. Undead Commando is the second album from these goons from Germany, and Undead Commando is packed full with old school death metal. No frills, there’s no over technicality, there’s no sugar coating the fact that this monstrosity is out on the loose and on a barbaric rampage either. With the arrival of Zombieslut’s new album comes eleven new songs that are groove filled as well as purely slaughtering and marrow draining.

Once you set foot outside of your safe house there is no returning as zombies swarm upon you and devour you swiftly. The soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse as well as your horrifying demise is Zombieslut with their slow and deliberate crushing style of play.

Bubbling forth from Undead Commando is copious amounts of frothy blood and warm chewy flesh. Zombieslut mix it up a little with each song as some are played at a slow tempo which allows them to brutalize you in agonizing fashion, whereas other songs are played at a quicker tempo that crack your skull open to drink the delicious fluids that remain inside.

Undead Commando is nearly an hour long and for every minute that there is music playing your life is in danger and your number has been called. There is no escaping the zombie infestation, and try all that you might you will become a flesh addict as well.

Zombieslut don’t just kill with a blunt force trauma approach, but instead they mix in groove and a certain amount of melody to keep the songs memorable and fast paced yet slick.

Each song buzzes, cuts, tears and rips your limbs off one by one until you pass out from the pain, then the real fun for the zombie hordes begins. Once you’ve been relieved of your limbs, the feast begins and your bones become picked clean by rabid, rancid and putrid flesh bags.

Upon listening to Undead Commando, you get plenty of helpings of decaying flesh and fermenting blood. The album oozes with the stuff and bursts with entrails, bile and a platter of sweet fresh eviscerated brains.

Zombieslut claims you as a victim with their crunching old school gut wrenching riffs that strip you of your skin and flesh while the drums carve you out like Thanksgiving turkey and the bass boils your blood turning you into the perfect zombie feast. The vocals are reminiscent of zombies themselves as the gravely roars cascade over the music giving off the impression that the vocalist just dug himself out of the ground for this release.

Undead Commando has that subterranean feeling to it. Everything is covered in molding dirt and festering flies. The overall sound is reminiscent of old school death metal giving it that extra scent of death. Zombieslut with their new release Commando is a bulldozing, oozing mass of clotted blood and bot flies. There’s no mistaking Commando or Zombieslut once stumbling upon them, and once you do be prepared, because you won’t be coming back alive as you will be added to the ever growing pile of carcasses and dry bones.

Check Undead Commando out here at the Rotten Roll Rex Bandcamp

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