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Amiensus: Ascension

December 5, 2015

amiensus - cover

There are albums that are vast, then there are albums that are both vast and a completely different experience than you’ve ever had before. Amiensus is that band that provides something that’s never been experienced before as well as a completely vast world for you to explore. Amiensus can’t exactly be pigeonholed into one category such as black metal because there is so much more to their music than that. There are a lot of different elements that are thrown into Ascension that give it plenty of variation and mysticism.

Ascension isn’t an album that can be listened to just once to wrap your head around everything that is going on. It is an album that demands more listens and once you feel as though you’re done listening, you really aren’t. Amiensus has a way of drawing you back in over and over and over again.

The new release from these Minnesota natives is nothing short of enchanting and mystifying. From the very beginning you feel drawn in and you never leave to take a break. Ascension harvests your soul and never lets you go from its ever tightening cold and crushing grip.

No matter what you may think will be coming next in the album, your guess may be wrong. Amiensus takes you on plenty of twists and turns throughout this mesmerizing nine track album.

Ascension is shrouded in darkness and it feels like when you pass this is what will be playing on you ascent or descent. A lot of the time throughout the album, it does feel like either  an ascent or descent itself.

The way in which Amiensus pulls that off is by mixing crunching guitars with acoustic pieces as well as sewing together soft cleans and harsh throat ripping growls. Amiensus also throws in a great mixture of keyboards to create plenty of atmosphere for you to get lost in. There is a vast amount of soft and harsh, light and dark that runs through Amiensus and those contrasts is what makes your mind wander through beautifully dark soundscapes.

There is a maze of melodies and a slew of atmosphere that is an undeniable force. Ascension as a whole is a tour de force. Riff after dizzying riff pummels the side of your skull, the drums are somersaulting, the keyboards provide just enough atmosphere to keep tugging at you and pulling you deeper inside of the music. The vocals transition between black metal screeches to angelic cleans which are sung both by male and female vocalists.

There is a whole world in Ascension and you can’t explore all of it in just once listen. The album is a trek through a dark and dismal forest in which the branches keep pulling and tugging at you clothes and the fog keeps whispering devilish nothings into your ears making you come back more and more. The musicianship is spot on, the album is original and fresh and more than anything it’s a great listen to sink your teeth into and let them take you on a brain bending trip.

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