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Escalane: The Days Of Decay

December 5, 2015


Finnish metallers Escalane describe themselves as pop metal, and that makes sense after listening to their new record The Days Of Decay. Mixing pop with metal is an interesting concept that seemingly wouldn’t work, but Escalane mix the two polarizing genres together very well to create a new and fresh sound. They bring something to the metal scene that hasn’t necessarily been tapped before. The Days Of Decay features ten songs that are equally catchy and heavy. There’s no shortage of heaviness within this new release from these Finnish genre benders and this release may just surprise some people.

Who doesn’t like something new and refreshing every once in a blue moon in a genre that sees a lot of copy cats imitators? Escalane break the mold and infuse pop into their metal dominated sound. Even with there being a pop influence the music is still plenty metal and the majority of the music is plenty metal for any metal head.

Escalane switches from heavier tunes and melodies to softer tones which is where the pop influence comes in. There are certain songs that are certainly heavier than others, and there are the songs throughout that are more acoustic and incorporate more synth use than the others.

No matter which side you get with Escalane you’ll always get both pop and metal in every song. No one genre takes away from the other and they both melt together in one big pot of catchy pop metal madness.

You can try to shy away from the hooks and melodies all you want, but they are infectious and very well done. Each song hooks into your ears like a little ear worm and wriggles its way into your brain where they get stuck, breed and before you know it the songs are stuck in your head and you can’t stop singing to the music.

Fusing pop with metal only makes metal more approachable and palatable to people that may not be so exposed to metal. It opens a lot of different avenues for Escalane and people that may not want to touch metal with a ten foot pole if they can avoid it. But with a fusion like this it opens doors, windows and whatever else can open to people that have been wanting to listen to metal but just can’t find that right match for them.

Escalane is that approachable band. They instill the fact that they are still metal with swift and catchy yet crunching riffs, quick jab like drumming, a bass that simply doesn’t quit. Above the bouncing riffs and face slapping bass are the sweet vocals that take control and command you to sing a long. They are of course more of the pop style of vocal, but the vocalist does buts out a roar here and there which catches you off guard but is a warm welcome. Coupled with that is an inviting keyboard section that brings the music full circle and really connects with what Escalane is trying to do.

If you give it a chance maybe The Days Of Decay will surprise you like it surprised me. There are bouncy crunching riffs a solid chunky bass, catchy choruses and a fine balance between heavy and soft that creates a unique sound. Give it a shot, you might find some gems in here for yourself.

The Days Of Decay will be out December 11th this year in Finland and January 22nd 2016 internationally through Inverse Records!

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