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Herscher: Herscher

December 5, 2015

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We kick this weekend off with some doom from France. These dark overlords call themselves Herscher and their self titled album was released only a few months ago. Herscher features six buzz filled doom entities that push the doom envelope. Each song is glacier slow yet incredibly heavy and skull rattling. Doom normally is haunting and mysterious, but with Herscher that isn’t necessarily true all of the time. Instead of lurking in the shadows waiting to put the dagger in your back, they’re more up front about their assault and don’t shy away from fuzz and grit.

Transitioning from their last album “Pursuit” to this self titled effort, it appears as though Herscher got heavier. With those three years between albums it seems as though Herscher made some tweaks-and even added a member-to get the most out of their sordid doom style and create something heavier and more blasphemy riddled than before.

I’m not aware of doom being even more doom than doom, but Herscher certainly does a good job of being more doom than doom itself. Herscher adds some intriguing sounds and synths to their music to compliment the looming stalker like riffs.

The music drones on long into the night well before you wake up and realize you’ve been transported to some sort of purgatory for all eternity. Each song is mystifying in its own right, and each song has a has a different element to it to separate it from the rest. Not a single song sounds a like, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they’re heart stopping slow.

These French doom mongers are as heavy as heavy can be, and since doom is focused a lot around riffs they force feed you your daily diet of sludge and misery. There’s just enough fuzz that lines each riff so it doesn’t drive you too insane, however there’s just enough to create a rattling that can be measured on the Richter Scale and just enough to turn your brain into soup.

The riffs drone on into the night as if they’re leading you to your timely demise. Complimenting the ominous riffs is a solid performance on drums and nice and timely odd synths that work their way into the mix, yet fit seamlessly. Mixed in with the terrifyingly low and buzzed out everything, are vocals that are equally buzzed out and hypnotic in a sick sort of way. The vocals are completely subterranean and they emerge among the thick wall of sound suddenly without warning.

Herscher has an interesting style of doom but they make it work. They contort doom to make it their own and they pulverize you without any fair warning. The six track self titled album is a great listen and it sucks you in almost immediately and grips you tight in its clammy hands.

Make sure to check out the link and stream some bone numbing doom from Herscher!

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