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Monday Morning Mayhem

December 6, 2015

Monday Morning Mayhem took a few weeks off for numerous reasons, but never mind those reasons now because it is back! You have every right to be as excited as I since below are four new bands for you to check out and help that Monday morning along. Enjoy responsibly!



We begin the week with a band hailing from Hungary called Bakos Attila and their recently released album titled Aranyhajnal. I’ll begin by saying that Aranyhajnal is an exceptional album. That statement alone is well worth checking it out and listening with intent and open ears. Aranyhajnal will take you to places you’ve never been before and a lot of the time places that are undiscovered in the metal world are the best places to be. The album is exceptional for a lot of reasons and this reviewer can only hope to do it justice. Everything about Aranyhajnal is exotic, enchanting and entrancing. The entire album has a sort of melancholic air about it and each song is incredibly emotional and powerful. With songs like this it feels as though they speak to you personally in ways that no other song can do. You feel a certain connection with this album and it’s very easy to get sucked in and stay for the long haul. Each song is memorable and speaks to you on different emotional levels. One of the many great aspects to this album is the singing voice that Attila possesses. It’s soft and tinged with melancholy, but it’s powerful as well. The fact that Attila sings each song in Hungarian accentuates the beauty of the album as well giving it that something extra and making it that much more special. Now, I don’t know if I did the album justice, but the only thing I can say now is that it is a great listen and an overall great album.



Mixing black metal and death metal, I bring you Corpser with their album All Black Nothing. Corpser is really a menagerie of sounds and an eclectic combination of music styles. All Black Nothing features six songs that transition well between slower chugging death metal and a blistering cross burning black metal assault. Mashed between those two genres are some contemporary noises that are oddly mellow for the style of music yet they seem to feel right at home. Every once in a while during each song you’ll find a slower section that Corpser breaks into that’s a little more progressive than the rest of their music. Those slower sections are often reminiscent of easy listening music, and as mentioned above it fits oddly well into what Corpser is portraying. The black metal and death metal that Corpser plays isn’t exactly traditional either. At points they sound traditional in their approach but in the end they inject a bit of a different twist on both genres. The guitar work is intricate and sharp and at times when needed the drumming is bludgeoning, the bass provides a healthy dose of heavy and the vocals sway between a mid gravely growl to a lower death metal style roar and even to a depressing clean style. The way in which All Black Nothing is played is dismal and dark and the band plays in such a way that the atmosphere pretty much crafts a noose for you to go hang yourself with. At face value, Corpser doesn’t look like a band that would have a lot going on inside, but All Black Nothing is an interesting and intriguing listen that is more than likely to catch a few people off guard.



Kicking things up a notch and into a gear that quite frankly is flesh carving we find Glutton For Punishment. Purified In Blood is their new effort that was just released today and it is jam packed with eight slaughtering brutal death metal tracks for your sordid pleasure. If there is such a thing as a sound track to a homicidal rampage then I think Glutton For Punishment nailed it straight through your temple. From the opening track Narcotized you end up fighting for your life as this release doesn’t stop coming after you until you’re dead and buried in a shallow grave with the rest of their victims. Violence is the key to Purified In Blood and there is absolutely no shortage of that. Blood pours from the jewel case followed by eyes that have been scooped out, entrails that have bee dug out and marrow that has been drained from countless numbers of cadavers. This new release from the Minnesota terrorizers is the equivalent of having a deranged man taking psychoactive drugs and chasing you down with an ice pick and lobotomizing you right there on the spot. Each riff rips like a chainsaw as the drums do their best to crack your skull like an egg while the bass finishes the job hacking your limbs off of your lifeless body. All throughout Purified In Blood the vocals are throat shredding and visceral and add to the petrifying experience of listening to Glutton For Punishment. This new offering by these maniacs is a beating of savage proportions and you’ll be lucky if you escape with anything in tact.



As we traverse the lands of Austria we come across Tribe of Wendigo and their debut album titled The Portentous Decampment. Tribe of Wendigo plays folk death metal in such a way that you feel as though you are a part of a tribe. The album is equal parts death metal equal parts folk music. Within The Portentous Decampment you not only find dark and mysterious death metal, but you get a taste of great tribal music. The tribal and folk elements pair wonderfully with the death metal to create interesting soundscapes and melodies. The folk aspects only add to the mystique of the band. One moment you’re hearing the visceral poundings of death metal and the next you’re listening to the soothing yet dark melodies of the folk aspects. The pairing is great and Tribe of Wendigo mixes them very well to create something that is new and different. In the background you hear spirit like wailing and calls that beckon you closer to the netherworld. The death metal element is as punishing as it is brooding. The riffs are buzzing, the drums kick and blast their way through your chest and the vocals sound like something was summoned form the depths of the netherworld. The roars are subterranean and grip you at the throat only to pull you closer to death. The album draws you in with dancing fire, hypnotizing folk aspects and punishing and dark death metal. What more can you ask for in a debut?


That is all for this edition of Monday Morning Mayhem. All I can hope is that it will aide you in the dreary day that is Monday and I hope you enjoy the new music and remember to keep headbanging!


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