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MuckRaker: Karmageddon

December 7, 2015

Karmageddon front cover macron

Muckraker is a band that sounds like they really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks and they’re just here for one thing, and that thing is to create metal that is packed to the gills with infectious riffs. Muckraker is described as blue collar metal and that is exactly what it is. Karmageddon is buzzing, filthy, grimy and gritty and packs a bloody knuckled punch. The ten songs on Karmageddon is completely memorable and is an experience that is raw, rich and unfiltered.

Muckraker is straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush as it takes them no time at all to get the the meat. There’s no gristle and fat that you have to saw off with your steak knife as the entire album is one slab of juicy metal. It bleeds, oozes and pulses with metal and the hard rocking doesn’t stop until you just can’t move anymore.

Stopping moving is the difficult part while listening to Karmageddon as each song is just as infectious as the last. Muckraker sinks their claws deep into you trapping you only to cook you up over an open fire to have you for supper. Once you begin listening there is no stopping from pressing the play button over and over again.

The blue collar attitude that Muckraker has is supplemented by the different genres that they ultimately mix into to create such a filthy sound. Muckraker combines stoner metal qualities as well as hardcore and of course blue collar metal. The stoner metal elements show up more often than the hardcore elements do but it does make an appearance none the less.

There’s no denying that Karmageddon takes a hold of you and is catchy as all hell. From the riffs to the lyrics, everything is memorable and Karmageddon ends up planting little Muckraker seeds in your head that end up making you come back for a second helping of meaty metal.

You can’t shy away from the crunchy licks that pour out of your speakers like thick golden honey, and you can’t push the obese bass out the door even if you tried as hard as you can. The drums are solid and hit you in your rib cage right in the sweet spot. The vocals are coated in gravel, grit and smoke and are a commanding force all of their own.

Muckraker plays metal that sticks to your ribs and just makes you feel like you’ve never been worked harder in your life, in part because it makes you get up and move. Muckraker is heavy and pours it on pretty damn thick and that’s just the way blue collar metal should be.

Karmageddon comes out next year January 15th 2016 through Eternal Sound Records!


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