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Crisalida: Terra Ancestral

December 8, 2015

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Sometimes exploring the lighter side of metal will bring you to different styles of music, exotic music, music that maybe isn’t as in your face but still has an impact none the less. Crisalida-translating into Chrysalis-hails from Chile and Terra Ancestral marks their fifth album. Crisalida has been hanging around in the metal scene for over fifteen years hoping to spread their message and their mission to anyone who will listen. Terra Ancestral touches on current events happening both in Chile as well as globally inherently becoming the voice of the people.

Crisalida and their music isn’t as intrusive and forceful as others, but the point is still driven home just the same. Without having that blunt force trauma impact as other metal bands may have, Crisalida take on a different approach and come at you from a different angle that reaches you on a more earthly level.

Each song is very well composed and Terra Ancestral is an album that is also put together very well. Even through seven songs and a relatively short forty minute run time, the album speaks volumes and makes a certain connection that others may not be able to do.

As a band Crisalida is soft spoken, melodic and atmospheric bringing you beautiful soundscapes to traverse and soak in. The album may take a few listens to soak in and really let the messages drive home, but when you do everything comes together very nicely and Crisalida’s vision comes to fruition.

The vibes that one gets from listening to this release are very earthly tones and very soft spoken yet memorable and each song has staying power. Terra Ancestral puts you in an almost dream like state and makes you realize and think about what this world would be like if we aren’t all just parasites.

For the duration of Crisalida’s new album you get guitars that are both forceful and melodic as well as a solid drumming performance. Coupled with that you have a piano that lightens the mood and helps create those trance like states that they are so good at putting you in. Not only is the music soft, but the vocal arrangements are angelic as well as the vocalists voice soars over the scenic journey that Crisalida takes you on.

Not only are the vocals soaring and blissful, but to add another dimension and a great exotic flare is the fact that each song is sung in Spanish. The fact that the album is sung in Spanish and done very beautifully adds even greater depth to the beauty of the album.

Overall, Terra Ancestral is a great listen. Crisalida executes everything expertly on their new album with no detail over looked. With this album, I have to imagine that their message will spread further than it has gone before.

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