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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Morkesagn: Where the Darkness Never Ends

December 8, 2015



You never can fully understand what hell is like unless of course you experience it first hand. The people that try to drag you down into the bowels and depths of hell with them is Morkesagn. Morkesagn is even dark for black metal standards and with their album “Where the Darkness Never Ends” they try to shovel as much filth and hate upon you as they can in seven blasphemy riddled tracks. These Ukrainian monsters dwell in the darkness and feed off of your misery and hate.

Morkesagn is focused and precise in their attacks and every song is well crafted and thought out. Throughout the run time of Where the Darkness Never Ends there is a lot of variation and tempo changes that mix the music up a little and give you somewhat of a break from the stake through the heart assault that is Morkesagn.

However, creating a blasting inferno is what Morkesagn does best and once they lay on the throttle they never let off until every church, cross, and religious deity is ablaze with blackened hell fire. That same intensity is kept throughout the album and eventually you become consumed by the fire.

While your bones splinter and crack from the searing heat of the ever darkening inferno, Morkesagn move onward with their conquest to spread darkness and pure evil throughout the lands. Morkesagn doesn’t just stake their claim in the blistering blizzard filled world of black metal, they take it by force and run any being brave enough to dare get in their way.

There’s more to this black metal group than meets the eye however. As mentioned, they do switch tempos quite frequently so the listener gets more of a variety instead of getting one pace, one speed and one sound every blistering minute of the album. Morkesagn even throws in a few guitar solos here and there, ones that seem to fit in and find there way well nestled into each song very well.

Living among tempo changes are riffs that whip around you like blistering cold winds, drums that come down on you like an ax, the bass is subterranean and the vocals are of course hellish and filled with poison. The vocalist displays a range of vocals as he transitions between cold piercing screeches to lower almost death metal like roars.

Each song plays off the next as every song has particular common themes. As the album moves steadily along, it feeds and grows off of your ever growing hate and your change of heart. Where the Darkness Never Ends is purely chaotic, twisting, mystical and downright soul damming.

Since I’m well behind the times Where the Darkness Never Ends is already out and is self released by Morkesagn themselves.


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