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Deathstorm: The Gallows EP

December 10, 2015


There are a lot of polarizing opinions about thrash that is currently out or coming out, but there is something that is undeniable about thrash that just never quits and steamrolls over you without the slightest of warnings. As so many people can tell and many people agree, thrash just can’t seem to find it’s own way out of a plastic bag when it comes to progression. However, with that being said when thrash is good, thrash is good and there is absolutely no denying that. For thrash that is good, face melting and bodily harm inducing you can look toward Deathstorm. Deathstorm is an Austrian bulldozer and The Gallows EP is their new EP just released this year.

Opening The Gallows EP is like aiming a flamethrower at your own head and pulling the trigger. You get four songs inside that are pure metal madness and will get anyone off of their feet and into the mosh pit. In typical thrash fashion their music is played at a scorching pace at try their very best to melt your flesh right off of your bone.

There’s a certain quality about Deathstorm that makes them feel authentic and give you a certain throwback feeling to them as well. The Gallows EP isn’t over produced nor is it under produced, it feels just right for the music that Deathstorm is playing.

Thrash metal is gritty, bloody, sweaty and filled with angst and anger and that is the exact sound that emits from your speakers when you pop this in and give it a spin. More than just grit and anger fills your speakers however as flames sear your skin and boil your blood.

Deathstorm does their best to have themselves sound as close to a death storm as possible by ramming energetic and chaotic music down your throat for a total of thirteen minutes. Everything in thrash that you would expect to be in a thrash release is in this one. Romping riffs create a dizzying tornado as the drums pile drive you into the dirt as the bass rumbles along. The vocals are screamed at you from beginning to end in a very manic and startling way.

Through four songs and a very short run time, you feel as though you’ve been through a death storm of sorts. This is just a taste of things to come as Deathstorm as we speak are gearing up for plenty of live shows as well as a second full length effort. So be prepared for Deathstorm to hit you right where you live and never look back as they leave you in a wake of thrash metal destruction.

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