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Thera Roya: Unraveling

December 11, 2015


If you have ever wondered what a droning wall of sound sounds and or feels like, then look no further than Thera Roya. Their new three track release Unraveling is assaulting, not in a bludgeoning kind of way but in a very fuzz filled brain juicing kind of way. There are only three tracks on Unraveling and each track is just as buzzing as the one that came before it. Thera Roya play some sludge metal and they really do take the sludge to heart as there are few things that are as sludge filled as they.

The very discordant and dissonant way in which Thera Roya plays adds to the sludge making it very difficult to escape from. “Unraveling” is like a terribly thick plot of quick sand. The release sucks you under a suffocating amount of slow sludge filled riffs and to put the nail in your darkened coffin, the music for the most part is played in a very slow manner.

There are very few times that Thera Roya speeds up as they keep their tempos between an agonizing crawl and a mid tempo. When Thera Roya gets rolling however they are very difficult to stop. They’re one giant sludge bomb that is aimed to destroy and cover everything you have ever known and loved in a thick ooze.

Emotion runs deep within this release as it takes you on a roller coaster that you weren’t aware that you were even on. The main emotions you get from “Unraveling” is rage and depression, and Thera Roya hit on those cylinders as well as those nerves throughout the thirty minute sludge fest.

Each song writhes and lurches as though it’s been stewing in a cauldron of anger and pessimism for years and marinated in hate and depression. The themes of the album aren’t the only thing that paint pictures of a dismal fog in your mind.

Thick fuzz filled riffs jar your bones and shake the very foundation of your home and coupled with a bass that is every bit as lethal is certainly a deadly dose of buzzing and venomous atmosphere. The drums stride along giving an acrobatic performance as dissonant shrieking vocals pour from the background as if the vocals were given to a banshee to perform.

Unraveling transitions between deadly melancholy sludge to a quicker up tempo pace giving you enough variety and enough for you to stew in. Each of the three songs is poisonous in its own right giving you something different and never sounding the same or copying the song that came before it. Thera Roya does a great job of invoking untapped feelings and even making you feel like the best thing for you to is to recede into a hole and never come out again.

Unraveling certainly sounds like the unraveling of a sane mind and that makes for a great listen. The musicianship is great and the song craft is equally great and after three songs it leaves the listener wanting more of this droning melancholy madness that Thera Roya has to offer.

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