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Implexi: Safest Shelter

December 12, 2015


Implexi (meaning entangled) hails from Brazil and they play power metal. Safest Shelter is self released, and the five track release features pure and untainted power metal. Brazil may be better known for death metal and black metal, but that doesn’t mean that the country can’t crank out some high energy and soaring power metal. Safest Shelter not only makes you want to headbang at times, but they also want to make you belt out some high pitched vocals as well.

Safest Shelter not only is power metal, but it feels as though a story is being unraveled right before your eyes. The compositions are well crafted and backed with plenty of emotion. Paired with the high soaring power metal are some orchestral pieces to add further depth and emotion to the music that otherwise could not have been portrayed with just the heavy metal aspects.

Implexi plays Safest Shelter almost like a story book, and if that’s not how they intended their music to sound like then Safest Shelter is story book like. It generally sounds that way because of the way that Implexi plays and because of the more atmospheric elements, Safest Shelter sounds as though you’re running through a book and you are the main character.

All throughout the new release by these mythical power metallers, you get music that is varied and music that keeps you interested and hooked all throughout. Their tempos change constantly and no one song is just a pure onslaught of metal. The atmospheric elements that creep in really set a nice tone and create a nice soft soundscape for you to get lost in.

Safest Shelter really gives you enough melody to kill a Frost Giant and enough atmosphere to make you feel as though you are right in the thick of each story. To create such a sound, Implexi deploy riffs that are just as powerful as they are subtle. The drumming is strong but never over powers any of the other instruments and only blasts away at your ear drums when needed. The bass is an ever present force that is very audible from the very first note of the first song.

Giving each song a little bit more character than they already had are the also subtle yet very soothing and whimsical use of an almost folk style of music. Those aspects that are injected into each song push the story along and create a world that otherwise couldn’t have been created.

Safest Shelter is an album that will belong very well with anyone who is a fan of power metal or is just getting into power metal. Safest Shelter has everything you would wish to have in it when listening to power metal, and for that you can’t go wrong with this release.



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