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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

December 13, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Monday Morning Mayhem! This week-much like previous weeks-will provide you with blasphemous, soul destroying metal that will help you kick start your week. Remember to enjoy responsibly!



Listening to Triumvir Foul, one would have to assume they would hail from Norway or Sweden, but you would be wrong. Triumvir Foul in fact hails from Portland, Oregon which seems to be a breeding ground for the dark art of heavy metal and more specifically black metal. Triumvir Foul recently released this self titled debut just a couple of days ago, and since then it has been spreading its darkness over Oregon and the rest of America. With black metal, it always gets compared to other dark entities such as Satan, dismal fog, poisonous and the like. But with Triumvir Foul they can only compare to themselves, since their self titled album is the embodiment of darkness itself. The self titled release is entirely bleak in every sense of the word and has a very haunting and disparaging tone to it. The lo-fi production aides in Triumvir Foul and their quest to spread a plague of darkness across the lands. With the production being the way that it is, Triumvir Foul gives off an old school and very crusty sound. Each riff is schizophrenic and maddening while the drums do their best to destroy any sanity you have left. The vocals pour over the music like a thick stench that has been released from a century old tomb. Triumvir Foul is savage and has the black metal chops to cleave your very being in half.



Taking a look at Lordis and their newly released EP titled Thin Line, they aren’t exactly what they would appear to be, or what one would think that they are. If you take the cover of Thin Line one might think that Lordis is either a black metal band or a doom band or even a combination of the two. But in all reality, Lordis isn’t quite either of those genres. As a matter of fact they may have created something all of their own. Whichever genres you can pin point within Thin Line got mashed up in a blender and out came Lordis. Certain genres are pretty apparent, such as metalcore, deathcore, some doom, but overall Lordis really isn’t any of those. They describe themselves as nu-metalcore or doom groove and whether you agree with it or not, that kind of fits. Lordis and their overall style of play is different and they make that very well known from the very beginning. There’s nothing that is normal about Thin Line and that’s just the way that Lordis likes it. Lordis is an incredibly pissed off band and Thin Line aims only for the jugular. Lordis approaches each song with a break down after break down kind of mentality, like they took every break down ever to be recorded in deathcore and metalcore and made it ten times heavier. Even though each song supplies your yearly dose of break downs, there are other elements that are intriguing. Lordis supplements each song with terrifying atmosphere that make you feel succumbed by hate and aggression. On top of that the vocalist screams in your face until his face is turning different shades of purple. Thin Line can be disorienting because of the sheer amount of anvil sized break downs, but also because of the psychotic vocals and odd addition of insane asylum like sounds. Overall Lordis and their new EP is an interesting listen to say the least and may have created something new to branch off of.




Names need to be catchy for anyone to remember who you are, and once you have a good name for a band you need to live up to it. Spectral Voice has an incredibly haunting and mysterious name, and as far as backing their name up goes, Spectral Voice does so and ten fold. Necrotic Doom is hopefully a taste of things to come from Spectral Voice, but with this little taste of the metal that this group has to offer, is utterly terrifying and completely spirit breaking. Through three songs of some of the darkest doom that is out, you feel crushed under the weight of what pure darkness is. Necrotic Doom sounds like something that should have never been let out of a vault finally got out and started spreading fear and anguish. There really is something about Spectral Voice that is truly haunting. While listening to Necrotic Doom you can feel the room getting colder, you can see your breath, and you can see the room growing noticeably darker. Necrotic Doom sounds like doom of the ancient, of their doom forefathers. Sometimes doom can just be doom and the majority of it sounds very identical, but Spectral Voice gives something extra to the word doom and something new to the genre. Spectral Voice isn’t exactly reinventing the plagued doom wheel, but what they are doing is revitalizing an ancient doom sound, one that was to never escape. Necrotic Doom is filled with glacier slow riffs that are sure to freeze your blood. The entire album is a slow burning slaughtering of your psyche. Spectral Voice picks the tempo up every now and then to give the listener a break from the usual heart stopping slow tempo. They move between slow tempo to a relatively quicker mid tempo, to an even faster romp which comes equipped with rolling and thunderous riffs. The entire album buzzes that it shakes the very foundation of your home. The riffs burn flesh off of your very face, the drums hit like a sack of bricks, the bass gurgles and rumbles along as the vocalist roars and spews his musty vocals all over this brooding release. Spectral Voice does haunt and even raise the dead. Necrotic Doom is a brooding, bleak and sinister and is a release that would look good in any doom fans collection.


Deepest Regrets EP cover art

Druglord may or may not sell you actual drugs, that’s yet to be determined. However, what they will supply you with is some thick and heavy doom. Deepest Regrets EP is three songs long and is packed with old school psychedelic doom. Druglord is a band that makes you feel as though there is something watching you, something lurking over your shoulder at all times. The music itself is equally psychedelic and dark making you feel as though you have been locked in a dark room with only shrooms to eat. None of the hallucinations you experience are good ones as the darkness twists and turns wrapping itself around your throat. Deepest Regrets EP is a dissonant, lurching, buzzing force. The song that is sandwiched in the middle is titled Speedballs to Hell, and what makes this song different from the other two, is the fact that instead of doom Druglord breaks that mold to to dish out a romping sludge metal tune. Speedballs to Hell is the song that provides a little bit of a breather between the two slow crawling paralyzing doom songs. Each riff is lined with an incredible amount of fuzz as the drums are almost hypnotizing you to stay in your drug induced trance for longer. The bass lurches and crawls and the dissonant vocals sound as though they were piped into the studio, and with that the vocals add a certain ghostly quality to the music. Overall, this EP from these Virginia dwellers is a smooth ride through a drug fueled doom wasteland and it fits in to any collection.


That is it for this week’s Monday Morning Mayhem! Hopefully it supplied you with some metal that will help you wake up on Monday!

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