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Wrathrone: Born Beneath

December 14, 2015


Wrathrone has been lurking in the Finnish death metal underground for quite some time, and they still do their fair share of lurking and stalking their prey. Born Beneath is their latest release that features eight skull grinding songs. Wrathrone is a brutal death metal band through and through and there are no other sounds in Born Beneath to confuse anyone of that. What Wrathrone does with this release isn’t anything revolutionary, nor are they reinventing any brutal death wheels, but what they do very well with Born Beneath is stick to the brutal death metal path and play music that is quite deadly.

Wrathrone is a bludgeoning beast of a brutal death band that never strays from who they really are. They never stray from the psychotic killers that they are, and they never leave anyone alive. Wrathrone’s display of pure brute strength is something to behold and something that no one should willingly test.

Born Beneath is a disgusting eye gouging good time, one that leaves you eviscerated and bloodied. That may not sound like the best of times, but when discussing brutal death metal there is nothing better than ripping and tearing flesh.

Wrathrone begins their conquest to unlock the secrets of your flesh by strangling you first to knock you unconscious. Once you are out cold the cutting begins and limbs begin to tear off and body parts get saved for a feast.

Wrathrone also takes an old school approach to their style of play. There isn’t anything inside of Born Beneath that adds unnecessary frills or anything over the top. Born Beneath is simply brutal death metal and nothing more. It is an album that is powerful, bulldozing and displays savage strength.

There is only one speed all throughout Born Beneath, and that speed is scorching. Wrathrone doesn’t slow down for anyone even though they have gone through hundreds of bodies already ripping each limb from limb. Even as bloody as they get, there is no stopping Wrathrone once they start and once they get the very first scent of blood or weakness they attack with hateful vengeance.

Each riff is a ripping chainsaw, the drums are bruising and brutish and Wrathrone deploy a bass that hacks anyone up that dares to oppose it. Vocals that are subterranean and behemoth like roar over each and every song instilling a certain amount of fear in you.

All of that isn’t to say that Wrathrone don’t have a melodic bone in their collective bodies. The group is focused and each song is well put together. There is just about as much melody as a brutal death band can cram into one album. But overall, Wrathrone is a brutal death band, and the sheer amount of bludgeoning music on Born Beneath ensures Wrathrone won’t just stop here, but they’ll keep rolling until everyone is put to rest.

Born Beneath will be released January 22nd next year through Inverse Records!

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