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ISLAY: The Angels’ Share

December 17, 2015


ISLAY - Angels' Share CD COVER

Death metal comes in all different shapes, forms and sizes, and German death metal heathens ISLAY show that with their new album The Angels’ Share. ISLAY certainly is a death metal band through and through, but they don’t brutalize you like other death metal bands do with just the use of blunt force. ISLAY does a great job with this release giving you plenty of brutality but mixing that with an almost blissful and serene sound as well. So not only is the music brutalizing but it is subtle at doing so as well.

Masters at their craft would be an apt description for ISLAY since the entire album is on point, well executed and very well crafted. Keeping up with “The Angels’ Share” is something that not too many people will have success with. That’s not to say no one can understand it, that’s just to say that the music is scorching and highly technical to the point where it’s almost dizzying.

ISLAY make it incredibly easy for you to headbang to this album however. There are plenty of chugging and pummeling riffs to go around. Those riffs aren’t just pummeling though, as they snake their way around your neck twisting it and sending you into an early grave. Other than being a force to be reckoned with the riffs are melodic as well.

In fact, the entire album as chaotic and brain drilling as it is is a melodic spectacle to behold. Playing at the pace that ISLAY does and keep a melodic and atmospheric edge at the same time is nothing to sneeze at.

The Angels’ Share is a highly memorable album as each song bores its way through your skull and embeds itself deep inside of your brain for days to come. ISLAY has an ability to captivate you with their blinding  speed as well as their melodic qualities.

These German death merchants are original and fresh. Their ethos is death metal, but that doesn’t confine them to the genre as they venture out of those boundaries on occasion and inject a hint of black metal here and there.

From beginning to end The Angels’ Share is a solid burst of energy that breaks the sound barrier and a dizzying swarm of riffs and blast beats that melt even the most veteran death metallers faces. Listening to this album is like taking a straight shot of adrenaline to the heart.

ISLAY is hyperactive and always is straddling the line between control and chaos. Each riff turns your brain to soup as the drums work on cracking each limb, the bass is heavy and thick and the vocal performance is purely savage. The Angels’ Share is heavy enough to level a city and if you’re not careful enough while listening it just may do that.

There is plenty to sink your teeth into with this release and plenty to wrap your brain around. ISLAY is brain warping to say the least, and the performance they lay down on their new album is incredibly heavy. The Angels’ Share is an album to behold and an album you can’t take lightly, and it is an album that is well worthy of infinite listens.

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