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Show Me Wolves: The World They Took Over

December 17, 2015



The album cover you see above is the new album by the one man Icelandic black metal cross over band Show Me Wolves. The World They Took Over is an eight track album, one that takes you through many different genres and many different sounds. What is very intriguing about Show Me Wolves is the fact that there are several different genres at work to create such a unique sound. Not only do you get the black metal flavor, but you get death metal and metalcore flavors thrown in the mix as well. More than just that, the music is focused and controlled as well.

Through each song it is very noticeable of course that not one song sounds alike, and a lot of that does have to do with the fact that there are different genres that have been melted together. Show Me Wolves looks at black metal at a different angle than a lot of other bands or people do. Show Me Wolves doesn’t shy away from implementing new sounds into the music, and by doing that you never get the same sound twice.

The World They Took Over is a nice fresh breath of poisonous air with what it brings to the table. The approach may not be completely revolutionary with adding in new elements to a stagnant genre, but the result is what matters. The result of injecting multiple genres into the music is a sound that is intriguing and makes for an album that you have to listen to a few times before you pick up on all of the little nuances that fill it.

During the song Tabula Rasa, instead of getting pummeling rhythms, riffs, and spine shattering drumming, you get a more focused attack and a well put together song. You do get the fast blitzkrieg, but Show Me Wolves does slow the song down letting the bass and the vocalist take control. Show Me Wolves doesn’t go full bore all the time and try to make you tap out, instead tempos change and different elements take over to help create a different feeling and atmosphere.

On the same side of the coin you have a song like Mother in which the riffs lean more toward the metalcore spectrum. Not only the riffs, but the way that the song is structured and crafted has a more metalcore feeling to it, but instead of clean singing injecting its way into the fold the vocalist keeps the black metal tinge by screeching a gravely screech atop the music.

And again switching over to a song such as Downfall which has a little bit more of a death metal rumbling to it than a lot of the other songs do. Downfall has a more focused style where the riffs are gritty and rumble more and the double bass comes into play a little more than on other songs.

All of the instruments are played by one man as are the vocals, and each instrument is on point and sharp and the vocal delivery is powerful and bleak. Every detail that is put into this album works very well with each other. The World They Took Over is an interesting listen and one that may take a little bit to let sink in, but it is also one that when given a shot, you yourself will find your gems.

The World They Took Over will be out January 16th next year through Merdumgiriz.


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