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Sunless Rise: Unrevealed

December 28, 2015

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Playing in the vein of Children of Bodom and the like comes progressive death metal prodigies Sunless Rise and their new album Unrevealed. Unrevealed is a concept album about a man that destroys humanity, and through ten songs you get a twisting and intriguing story. If technicality and story telling are what you are looking for, then look no further than Sunless Rise and their debut. The story is vast and Sunless Rise takes you on a twisting journey and wonderful soundscapes.

On top of the great story telling ability that Sunless Rise possesses, the amount of technicality in this album is mind boggling to say the least. Each and every instrument must have been a blazing inferno once each recording session was finished.

The sheer amount of thought, effort, originality and technicality within Unrevealed is simply astounding. Brain warping, or mind bending are somewhat common descriptors to describe music, but with Sunless Rise those descriptors truly do fit the band.

There is a line between being overly technical which makes the listener feel claustrophobic and having that right amount of technicality that makes the music feel smooth, and Sunless Rise deliver the latter. As technical as they are, Sunless Rise never crosses that line into chaotic fury and instead keeps themselves in check to create a technical sound that isn’t entirely overwhelming.

Unrevealed really does twist the mind and bend the imagination and takes you to places that you never knew existed. Sunless Rise paints a picture with their music and creates vast and lush soundscapes that makes your mind wander and traverse through daring peaks and valleys.

These Russian metal masters aren’t just technical as they inject a certain amount of progressive elements into their music. Thrown into the burning death metal mix is a fair amount of keyboard play that adds to the atmosphere as well as the adding some more excitement to the story that is being told.

The atmosphere and the addition of the keyboard is just a small part of what Sunless Rise does so well. On top of creating a mystical and overall infectious atmosphere, Sunless Rise plays a style of death metal that is generally destructive and completely flesh flaying. Each soaring riff is complimented by a fret burning solo. The drums hit hard blasting their way through the stratosphere as well as your skull. Backing the riffs as well as the pummeling drums is a bass that that rumbles and keyboards that provide your yearly dose of atmosphere.

Above all of the thunderous technical noise are the vocals that have three different settings as they switch between death metal style growls, higher pitched gravely screams and cleans that are as smooth as honey. Each component in this album is knit together incredibly well to create a sound and story that is captivating. Sunless Rise grabs your attention from the get go and never lets go. The technicality as well as the atmosphere melt brains and shred ear drums, but once you listen you can’t stop. Unrevealed is a technical death metal juggernaut, and there is no stopping it.

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