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Krallice: Ygg Huur

December 29, 2015


Krallice plays what is known as technical black metal. And before you ask what that really is, as yourself if old school black metal is technical or even new black metal. Of course there is always a degree of technicality, but Krallice takes technicality and spits in its face. Krallice bend technicality at will and shape it to create their own unique sound. Ygg Huur isn’t on the same playing field as some other albums are as Krallice takes everything to new heights. There really isn’t anything like these New York based heathens, and many can try, but many may die trying.

Ygg Huur is an album that can’t be stopped, it is a tour de force. Ygg Huur is technical black metal at its finest, and the speed at which Krallice plays at jumps to different dimensions and warps and bends your mind like the pink putty that it is.

Ygg Huur is an album that stands completely by itself in a class all of its own. There isn’t anything like it, there are no sounds that match what Ygg Huur is. Krallice is a ball of explosive energy and all of it comes forth through this effort.

Krallice is an eruption of controlled chaos. They border on the insane and the sane ever since the first note. There is a thin line that they straddle, and if they cross on to one side the music may seem too muddied with technicality and on the other side of the line is just the wrong amount of technicality. Either way that Krallice could have taken their sound just wouldn’t have been Krallice.

Thankfully they found a way to straddle that line and take chaos by the horns.  Krallice keep a chaotic edge all throughout this release never slowing down once even after they put a gaping hole in your head and turn your brain to mush.

Krallice’s riffs never chug-a-long and their music is never overly technical and claustrophobic. Each riff is dissonant and cutting supplemented by tumultuous drumming and a buzzing bass. The vocals are massive and cold, curdling the blood of any one who dares to listen.

Ygg Huur is an astounding album played by an exceptional band. This review may not have done the music justice, but nothing really can. You have to listen and let the brilliance of Krallice sink in. Ygg Huur is an album that needs to be listened to numerous times. One listen won’t cut it, and maybe even after the tenth it still won’t register. No matter the case there is no denying that Krallice is a monolith, they are a band to be reckoned with and Ygg Huur is an album that will land on most if not all year end lists.

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