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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Sadism: Alliance

December 29, 2015


Having been around since the eighties destroying homes and culling the weak, Sadism is no stranger to violence and gore. Alliance is their new album, and Alliance is an album that just doesn’t quit and doesn’t stop its slaughtering ways until it feels as though it is done. Through a thirty plus year existence, Sadism may be at the top of their death metal game as they sound as crisp, clean and focused as ever.

Alliance is the very first album by Sadism that is getting distributed internationally, which means they will be spreading their violence and disease all over the world. Sadism spread their misery and plague of utterly forceful and destructive death metal with twelve songs that top forty minutes. Their destructive and explosive nature comes naturally as nothing on this new release seems forced.

Being veterans of the death metal game, Sadism understands that in order to completely strip the listener of all hope of coming out of the other end alive and well, they need to play as devilishly fast and brutal as possible. With Alliance that is exactly what they accomplished. Never laying off the throttle, Sadism doesn’t just ease in to death metal warp speed; instead they grab you by the throat and shake you until you’re spilling your red squashed bowels all over the ground.

Sadism is pure old school death metal and nothing takes that away from them nor do they compromise that themselves. Sadism adds nothing but layers upon layers of sickening and stomach churning death metal upon layers of sickening and stomach churning death metal.

Alliance is piled to the ceiling with festering corpses and disease filled blood and maggot infested intestines. Upon listening, the death toll only rises as you will be added to the list of bodies that must be slain.

Sadism doesn’t care what or who you are, just so long as they can put a hole in your head tearing you limb from limb and drinking your blood as they do so. The brutalization and emaciation of your being begins at note one and doesn’t stop there. Alliance doesn’t stop until you have been swallowed whole by the ever sickening and blackening being that has come to claim you as its own.

A rumbling and erupting gurgling spews out into you ears infecting your mind corroding it until it is a soft pile of flesh. Riffs chainsaw you in half splitting you in two as the drums drill their way through your head. A thick bass is present giving each song a strong back bone and the vocals spew forth as though maggots have claimed your body and burst forth through a burning pustule.

Alliance is a festering, gurgling, searing pile of death metal that dares you to look it in its gnarled face. Once it rears its ugly head, there is no stopping Alliance from claiming you as its next victim. Sadism has yet again put out yet another death metal steamroller claiming the world’s population as their own to cull and destroy at their leisure.

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