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Scarecell: New Horizons

December 30, 2015


It is a couple of weeks passed now, but never the less, Finland’s own Scarecell have released their new effort New Horizons. New Horizons is a four track effort from this five piece and you could label them and put the metalcore tag on them which would be more than fitting. Instead of labeling we can say that they just play metal. Scarecell mix in some keyboard play into their brand of metal to create more of an atmosphere and to give more feeling to their music to go along with the heavier down tuned chopping riffs and the bass heavy semi breakdowns.

The opener Buried Alive is the heaviest song of the album which sets the tone for the rest of the release. The other three are plenty heavy as well, but Buried Alive is a song that is more choppy and almost death metal oriented than the rest are. Having to listen to Buried Alive first has you realize that there is more heaviness to come and once New Horizons gets started the heaviness shows up in droves.

New Horizons isn’t heavy in the death metal or black metal sense of the word it just simply is, and as plain as that sounds it’s true. Scarecell focus their heavier attacks in more down tuned riffs which turn into semi breakdowns. Each song is very bass heavy as well that is only backed by solid pounding drumming.

There really is never a dull moment in this four track release. You get just about everything you could think of. You get the heavy riffs, you get the softer melodies and rhythms as well when needed, you get the heavy bass and you get plenty of atmosphere and added emotion with the keyboards. Over top all of the music that is happening and all of the riffs and pounding blasts from the drums are the vocals that soar between soft memorable cleans to ripping roars.

Scarecell does a great job of balancing heavier melodies with lighter ones giving the short release more feeling and emotion than it normally would with just one or the other. These gents from Finland get you headbanging and breaking shit with their solid buzzing riffage, and at the same time they get you singing your heart out with their soft cleans that soar through the night sky like an eagle. There is quite a bit here for everyone, and as short of a release as it is you will end up finding your gem(s).

New Horizons is out now through Inverse Records.

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