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Supreme Carnage: Sentenced By The Cross

December 30, 2015

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Supreme Carnage is no stranger to the Cadaver Garden website as Sentenced By The Cross was briefly reviewed in an addition of Monday Morning Mayhem here. Sentenced By The Cross was officially released on December 18th this year by Redefining Darkness, and with this release the label very well could have redefined darkness. Supreme Carnage is purely old school death metal and live to do nothing more than torch everything in their path. You will be laid to waste, carnage will be spread and maximum destruction will be released upon listening to this album.

Having been founded in 2010 and being a fairly new band, it seems as though Supreme Carnage has done their homework old school death metal. They sound as though they belong when death metal was just hitting its stride, and yet with their older sound comes a new approach, a focused approach and a fresh take on modern death metal.

Once this rolling ball of severed heads gets rolling there isn’t much you can do to keep it from pounding you into the pavement and making human jelly out of you. Supreme Carnage eviscerates and emaciates you hanging you out to dry like a putrid piece of art.

The name Supreme Carnage is incredibly fitting for this style of music, as each song comes equipped with a flamethrower and hacksaw to rip you limb from limb. Once you have been quartered and soaked in gasoline and set ablaze, Supreme Carnage buries you in a shallow and open grave for the animals to feast on your festering and fermenting flesh.

Sentenced By The Cross is a brutalizing album, one that doesn’t stop and isn’t afraid of our puny screams and cries for help. The more blood that they spill the more they want to continue with your slaughter and the slaughter of others.

Supreme Carnage does death metal right. They never compromise and they always stay true to their death metal roots. They are as gore soaked as it gets and as heavy as you could possibly imagine. Taking a sledgehammer to the jaw would hurt less then facing your maker and staring death in the face once you open Sentenced By The Cross.

The entire album reeks of putrefied flesh and congealed blood. Bursting at the seams are massive amounts and mounds of body parts and entrails that are on display to show everyone that Supreme Carnage is a death metal force to be reckoned with.

Riffs are crisp and caked in blood, the drums are savage and beat you with a lead pipe as the bass distorts your brain sinking you into the darkness of dimentia. Over top the ravaging beating that is the musicianship are the vocals that are monstrous and yet understandable. The vocalists growls are powerful and destructive, yet they are clean and pure so you can understand what he is saying.

Supreme Carnage isn’t a death metal band without focus and without a direction. Their music isn’t scattered and strewn about like the mountains of limbs that they have culled over the years. Their music is focused, crisp, clean and technical. Old school death metal is on the rise again and so is Supreme Carnage. These German slaughterers know what it takes to bring the pain and supply incredible amounts of festering death metal. Keeping an eye on Supreme Carnage would be in your best interest; for some of the most sickening death metal and so you don’t become a part of their shallow grave collection.

Sentenced By The Cross is out now through Redefining Darkness Records!


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