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Proll Guns: Horseflesh BBQ

December 31, 2015

Proll Guns -  Horseflesh BBQ Coverartwork

When you take a look at the song titles on Horseflesh BBQ and see titles like: Texas Banjo Massacre, From Texas To Hell, and Southern Slavery you would have to assume that Proll Guns is from America, or at least Texas. If that was the assumption, then that assumption would be wrong. Proll Guns is indeed from Austria and these fine gents play western thrash ‘n’ roll as they have deemed it. Each of the ten songs on this new release rolls and bucks with the best of them as it gives you fits every time you try to tame it.

Horseflesh BBQ is an entirely entertaining album, one that supplies a years worth of entertainment at least. Once you begin listening, you need more and more Horseflesh BBQ to satisfy your sickening needs. Just a little taste of flesh isn’t enough, you need to stuff your face full of as much Horseflesh BBQ as you can until you feel as though your stomach is going to burst.

This album is infectious and has enough grooves to choke a horse. Every song romps, bucks, thrashes and maims all the way until the end. Proll Guns and their new release is a bucking bronco that just cannot be tamed, and if you try and try as hard as you wish, you will get hurt and you will get bucked off.

Horseflesh BBQ begins with Texas Banjo Massacre which is a nice two minute intro that predominantly features a banjo of course. This intro is just a lead in for the ride that you are about to take on the back of a pissed off bull. This intro is a taste of things to come and is something to ease you into the album, instead of whipping you around and searing with a brand.

After the intro Proll Guns takes no time spurring their album along as every song gallops along dragging you behind like a tranquilized slab of meat. Horseflesh BBQ has no sympathy and no sense of when to slow down and let you take a breather. The album keeps punishing and keeps bucking even after it is completed.

Each riff is filled with grit and soaked in whisky and tobacco. The drums trot along stomping your head in like spooked horse. In the foreground is a bass thick enough to chew on and one that is strong enough to beat you into submission. Over the music are the vocals that sound as though they have been soaked in bourbon and coated in chewing tobacco. Floating along side each romping riff are solos that transition from blistering to bluesy.

This ten track album straps you in and takes you for a thrashing ride. Horseflesh BBQ makes you feel as though you are sitting around a campfire drinking whisky and smoking cigars telling bat shit crazy hunting stories. It is almost atmospheric without meaning to be, but what they do mean to do is get you out of your seat and thrashing around like a madman.

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