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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Abythic: A Full Negation of Existence

December 21, 2015

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A Full Negation of Existence is the new release from German death dealers Abythic. Their new release is five songs of brutalizing and accosting death metal. The old school death metal feeling is coming back and Abythic add their sickening tinge and flavor to the over flowing cauldron of death. Abythic doesn’t dance around the idea of death or beat around the bush at all. A Full Negation of Existence is a straight shot of old school death metal. A Full Negation of Existence is just enough to get you hooked and get you fiending for more, and plenty enough to get you chomping at the bit for more grimy death metal.

There aren’t really any surprises with this release as everything is in the strain of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and the like; but with noticeable throw backs to those bands, Abythic never copies or mimics anyone. A Full Negation of Existence is their hideous creation, it is their monster to unleash unto the world to wreak havoc and decimate worlds.

There is one element however that Abythic does add comes at the end of each song. At the end of each song is a very operatic and theatric performance. This element adds to the darkness and mystique of Abythic, and really it is the only time that you aren’t getting assaulted from every direction by brutalizing death metal.

Other than the brief operatic moments, the rest of the release is pure bludgeoning death metal. There is no escaping your burial and believe me, you won’t be dead when you get buried. Abythic takes you kicking and screaming and all and shoves you into a dark wooden box only to bury you in a shallow worm filled grave.

For such a short eighteen minute release, you certainly do get everything that death metal has to offer. You get a blood stained platter of buzzing and ripping riffs, gut punching drumming, an eviscerating bass and growls that terrify and burst bowels.

As a matter of fact the entire release is bowel bursting and head roasting. It feasts on your carcass like vultures that rip and tear at road kill. Abythic displays what classic death metal is about, and that is pure unfiltered and raw death metal. Abythic fills you full of hatchet wounds and festering incisions, and really that’s just what you want from old school death.

Monday Morning Mayhem

December 20, 2015

It’s time for some Monday Morning MayhemMonday Morning Mayhem is brought to you by heavy metal of course, and today for this edition of this column I bring to you some of the heaviest metal. Read on and enjoy!



We kick this week off with a thrash attack hailing from Los Angeles, California. These thrash cretins call themselves RattBlack and the above is their self titled debut. RattBlack is a great throwback to old school thrash metal but with a newer sound, if that makes any sense.  The entire album is incredibly crisp and clean and yet it still packs that gritty no nonsense punch. This self titled debut is nine songs, which means you have nine songs to try to survive from all of the headbanging you will do while listening. Surviving head trauma and brain damage from your furious headbanging ways may be a difficult task being that RattBlack induces fits of headbanging rage. There’s nothing you can do to stop yourself, the music is highly toxic and terrifyingly infectious. This debut works its way into your brain laying thrash eggs that control your mind and make you break out in air guitar solos and feverish fits of thrash rage. Through the entirety of this album you get stellar guitar work which is supplemented by great guitar solos and backed by a drum performance  that leaves you battered and bruised. And since this is thrash metal, you get a thick bass that hits you over the head like a hammer. Over top the sonic musical performance, the vocalist shouts and belts out the lyrics to each thrash anthem on this album. The musicianship is spot on, and it sounds like RattBlack took everything that thrash had to offer and took the speed that thrash had to offer and cranked it up to an even higher level than ever before. RattBlack breaths some life into an almost dying genre with a very creative and very well crafted album. This debut is a great listen, and it belongs on any thrash or metal heads shelf.



Ever feel the need to be horrified and yet rock out at the same time? Well look no further than London based band Possessor and their EP Stay Dead. Stay Dead is an old school fueled horror show and for four songs you’re trapped inside the mind of a mad man. For having an older sound, Possessor keep everything fresh and new as well. Nothing is out dated or has been used before. Possessor bring an interesting take on horror and metal alike. What you end up getting with Stay Dead is a blasphemous and dark shock to your system. Possessor supply nightmares in music form and take you from your safe and warm home to an abandoned house where they torment you further. The overall sound is very gritty and dirty as if they had just been dug up from the grave. The nice thing about this EP is the fact that Possessor isn’t overtly haunting, they don’t over do theatrics or get too involved with anything that would compromise the music itself. In fact, they let the music itself do the haunting and possessing, they let it creep up on you and make you shiver in a corner. Since there really aren’t theatrics the music does all of the talking. It’s the way that Possessor plays that really fits the horror genre. As mentioned, the overall sound is gritty and sludge filled. The entire EP is murky and as heavy as heavy gets. Stay Dead is stacked wall to wall with jarring riffs an accosting bass, a solid drum performance and dissonant vocals that sound like they’re being sung through a megaphone and recorded some yards away. Overall, the listen is a great one; one that gets you up and moving and effectively makes you feel as though you are wandering through a haunted house.



The above looks like a death metal or black metal album right? That would be wrong, well partly wrong. Overlord hails from Australia and Thy Tormentor is their new EP off of Put to Death Records. Overlord is a menagerie of genres. Overlord is mostly hardcore with death metal and a bit of beat down sprinkled in. Throughout this EP you get plenty of different looks into metal and different styles. A lot of the time during Thy Tormentor you get the hardcore approach, but every now and then Overlord changes tempos and switches into a more death metal style romp. Overlord gives each genre that is blended into their brand of metal a fair share of air time transitioning between each with ease. Overlord seems to have taken the heaviest parts of hardcore and death metal to create their sound. Each song is concrete shattering heavy and they dose out plenty of breakdowns to last you at least half a year. Each riff, each breakdown is played by anvil heavy riffs that get you headbanging in the blink of an eye. Backed by the riffs are the drums that from the get go are on a mission to make you crippled for life. As if the music couldn’t get any heavier the bass supplies a nice thick sledgehammer quality. The most interesting part about Overlord is the vocal style as it never stays the same. The vocalist borrows from hardcore, death metal and even has a little bit of a brutal death flair as well. The hardcore vocals are either spoken or yelled at you just like your P.E. teacher yelled at you for being too much of a puss to climb that dammed rope. The death metal style vocal comes in the form of a gravely roar that is used sparingly yet effectively, and the brutal death vocal comes in normally on breakdowns and is an utterly subterranean guttural assault. Thy Tormentor is heavy as heavy gets and is an interesting listen since they borrow from many different genres to create this sound.


The Dead And Those About To Die cover art

Skipping over to Sweden we find death dealers Just Before Dawn and their new EP The Dead And Those About To Die.  The Dead And Those About To Die is a five track steamroller of pure death metal. Just Before Dawn plays a more old school style of death metal, but not everything on this EP is blistering and blood boiling. They add an element of melody into their music to add some atmosphere and variation. Before Grave Without Crosses the first two songs are more of the typical run and gun death metal, but Grave Without Crosses is more of an emotional song. Grave Without Crosses is melancholy and depressing and played at a slower tempo to really drive the fact home that it isn’t suppose to be a blazing death metal anthem. However, those blazing chunky straight up unfiltered death metal songs are present; in fact the majority of the EP contains those face shredding death moments. The Dead And Those About To Die hits on war and the death that comes with it, so the overtone of the album is pretty sullen and morbid and Just Before Dawn does a great job of providing you with a wide range of emotion. The entire EP is very well crafted and Just Before Dawn makes you feel as though you are walking through a war torn valley of death and despair. Each song is heavy hitting and each riff is powerful and the drums are as blasting as you would like them to be. The vocals are monstrous and sound as though they really are coming from a behemoth. War is a common theme in metal, but the way in which Just Before Dawn plays it really sets a different tone, and this EP is a great listen for any death metal fan.


That concludes this Monday Morning Mayhem. Enjoy responsibly and remember to keep headbanging!


Echelon:Indulgence Over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil

December 20, 2015

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Echelon and their album Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil is exactly like taking a dagger to the jugular. Echelon is a brutalizing force, one that is over powering and quite frankly can be pretty intimidating. Echelon is fronted by ex-Bolt Thrower and ex-Benediction vocalist David Ingram. So not only do you get a bulldozer of crushing sounds coming from your speakers, but you get throat slitting and head ripping vocals to boot. Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil is a thirty-five minute venture into a psychopath’s labyrinth in which you will never return.

The old school touch is there of course. There’s nothing fancy about what happens in this album whatsoever, and you don’t get anything that is over technical or anything like that. Instead what you get is a pure onslaught of blood drunk death metal.

Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil has a very large feeling to it. Even though the album is relatively short with there not being a whole lot of songs, the album still feels as though it is a monolith. Echelon created an album where there is no fat but there is all meat and flesh.

With no frills and fancy anything to muddy up what their purpose for the album was, Echelon brings forth a bleeding slab of fleshy death metal. Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil is a rolling death machine that has no intention of stopping until the human race has been laid to waste.

Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil and its pure brute strength is enough to take the Hulk head on and win. The sound that you get is a sound that you can only achieve once you have complete and utter disregard for any living being.

There is no mistaking what you are listening to, but once you open the case and pop the CD in you may not know what you have gotten yourself into. And what you may have gotten yourself into is a battle with a psychotic serial killer that you just cannot win.

Each song is just as potent as the last and each song begins and ends with guitars that maim and lobotomize, drums that blast and pummel you like the slab of meat that you are all backed with a bass that hacks away and picks at your organs. The album wouldn’t feel completely monstrous and devastating without a vocal performance that’s blood letting and utterly subterranean.

There isn’t anything that is slithering or hidden in Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil, instead everything is out in the open from the very beginning, and instead of being stalked and hiding in shadows, Echelon meets you face to face only to slice your throat and harvest your limbs. Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil is a bulldozing powerhouse and is an album that any death metal fan should have on their shelf.

Check the link below for a new song from  Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil!

Bedowyn: Blood of the Fall

December 20, 2015


As we plunge deep into the murky swamps of sludge metal we come across Bedowyn and their full length effort Blood of the Fall. Bedowyn isn’t just sludge as they dabble in doom as well creating a two (if not more) pronged attack. Bedowyn is incredibly dense, thick and murky. Their music oozes sickening black sludge, and that black sludge does a great job of sucking you under and rolling you beneath waves of gritty riffs.

With Blood of the Fall, Bedowyn supplies an overall darkness that is inescapable as well as vivid imagery and soundscapes. Bedowyn does an excellent job of transporting you to the darker reaches of your mind, and without scaring you to the point where you don’t want to listen anymore, they captivate you and steal your thoughts for the entirety of the album.

There’s something about the darkness that lures us all in, and there’s something about it that makes us not want to leave. Blood of the Fall isn’t dark in the sense that it’s Satanic, or the fact that the entire album is about disease, famine and death. The darkness can and does come from different places, but most of all that darkness that Bedowyn possesses comes from the way that they play and the way that their music is crafted.

You can’t help but feel at times that you are walking through a dense and dismal forest wading through thick choking fog. That may not have been the idea behind the music but there is that certain mysticism behind it, and at points you do feel as though you are shrouded in darkness with layers upon layers of fog shroud you.

Instead of being a complete concept album, Blood of the Fall is more of a free forming idea, one that takes shape into whatever it is that the listener is getting out of it.

Bedowyn is gripping and casts a spell over you putting you in a trance. Each song is supplied with melodic sludge drenched riffs, murky bass lines, impressive drumming and smokey vocals. The majority of the vocals are clean sung, but every now and then the vocalist steps outside of the clean singing realm to give us a gritty almost black metal like roar.

The eleven track album is smooth and yet it is oh so heavy. Blood of the Fall is a slithering mass of sludge goodness, one that gets your head nodding and one that will also crack your limbs under the sheer weight of itself. No matter what happens, whether you are able to headbang without shattering your limbs or if you do succumb to its weight, there is no denying that Blood of the Fall is an album to behold.

ISLAY: The Angels’ Share

December 17, 2015


ISLAY - Angels' Share CD COVER

Death metal comes in all different shapes, forms and sizes, and German death metal heathens ISLAY show that with their new album The Angels’ Share. ISLAY certainly is a death metal band through and through, but they don’t brutalize you like other death metal bands do with just the use of blunt force. ISLAY does a great job with this release giving you plenty of brutality but mixing that with an almost blissful and serene sound as well. So not only is the music brutalizing but it is subtle at doing so as well.

Masters at their craft would be an apt description for ISLAY since the entire album is on point, well executed and very well crafted. Keeping up with “The Angels’ Share” is something that not too many people will have success with. That’s not to say no one can understand it, that’s just to say that the music is scorching and highly technical to the point where it’s almost dizzying.

ISLAY make it incredibly easy for you to headbang to this album however. There are plenty of chugging and pummeling riffs to go around. Those riffs aren’t just pummeling though, as they snake their way around your neck twisting it and sending you into an early grave. Other than being a force to be reckoned with the riffs are melodic as well.

In fact, the entire album as chaotic and brain drilling as it is is a melodic spectacle to behold. Playing at the pace that ISLAY does and keep a melodic and atmospheric edge at the same time is nothing to sneeze at.

The Angels’ Share is a highly memorable album as each song bores its way through your skull and embeds itself deep inside of your brain for days to come. ISLAY has an ability to captivate you with their blinding  speed as well as their melodic qualities.

These German death merchants are original and fresh. Their ethos is death metal, but that doesn’t confine them to the genre as they venture out of those boundaries on occasion and inject a hint of black metal here and there.

From beginning to end The Angels’ Share is a solid burst of energy that breaks the sound barrier and a dizzying swarm of riffs and blast beats that melt even the most veteran death metallers faces. Listening to this album is like taking a straight shot of adrenaline to the heart.

ISLAY is hyperactive and always is straddling the line between control and chaos. Each riff turns your brain to soup as the drums work on cracking each limb, the bass is heavy and thick and the vocal performance is purely savage. The Angels’ Share is heavy enough to level a city and if you’re not careful enough while listening it just may do that.

There is plenty to sink your teeth into with this release and plenty to wrap your brain around. ISLAY is brain warping to say the least, and the performance they lay down on their new album is incredibly heavy. The Angels’ Share is an album to behold and an album you can’t take lightly, and it is an album that is well worthy of infinite listens.

Show Me Wolves: The World They Took Over

December 17, 2015



The album cover you see above is the new album by the one man Icelandic black metal cross over band Show Me Wolves. The World They Took Over is an eight track album, one that takes you through many different genres and many different sounds. What is very intriguing about Show Me Wolves is the fact that there are several different genres at work to create such a unique sound. Not only do you get the black metal flavor, but you get death metal and metalcore flavors thrown in the mix as well. More than just that, the music is focused and controlled as well.

Through each song it is very noticeable of course that not one song sounds alike, and a lot of that does have to do with the fact that there are different genres that have been melted together. Show Me Wolves looks at black metal at a different angle than a lot of other bands or people do. Show Me Wolves doesn’t shy away from implementing new sounds into the music, and by doing that you never get the same sound twice.

The World They Took Over is a nice fresh breath of poisonous air with what it brings to the table. The approach may not be completely revolutionary with adding in new elements to a stagnant genre, but the result is what matters. The result of injecting multiple genres into the music is a sound that is intriguing and makes for an album that you have to listen to a few times before you pick up on all of the little nuances that fill it.

During the song Tabula Rasa, instead of getting pummeling rhythms, riffs, and spine shattering drumming, you get a more focused attack and a well put together song. You do get the fast blitzkrieg, but Show Me Wolves does slow the song down letting the bass and the vocalist take control. Show Me Wolves doesn’t go full bore all the time and try to make you tap out, instead tempos change and different elements take over to help create a different feeling and atmosphere.

On the same side of the coin you have a song like Mother in which the riffs lean more toward the metalcore spectrum. Not only the riffs, but the way that the song is structured and crafted has a more metalcore feeling to it, but instead of clean singing injecting its way into the fold the vocalist keeps the black metal tinge by screeching a gravely screech atop the music.

And again switching over to a song such as Downfall which has a little bit more of a death metal rumbling to it than a lot of the other songs do. Downfall has a more focused style where the riffs are gritty and rumble more and the double bass comes into play a little more than on other songs.

All of the instruments are played by one man as are the vocals, and each instrument is on point and sharp and the vocal delivery is powerful and bleak. Every detail that is put into this album works very well with each other. The World They Took Over is an interesting listen and one that may take a little bit to let sink in, but it is also one that when given a shot, you yourself will find your gems.

The World They Took Over will be out January 16th next year through Merdumgiriz.


Insision: Terminal Reckoning

December 16, 2015


Sweden is packed to the gills with death metal acts and heavy metal bands in general, and Insision is one of those bands inhabiting that very heavy metal land. There are quite a few bands that are taking a melodic route to their music, but Insision is here to walk the other path, the path of pure devastation and unrelenting brutality. With the over melodious nature missing from Terminal Reckoning what you end up getting is an unfiltered and brutalizing death metal assault.

Insision sounds exactly like what looking death in the face would be like, or at least be the sound track to it, or maybe even be the soundtrack to your horrifying death. Terminal Reckoning is a blood thirst quenching eight tracks, but there is much more than just blood for you to feast on with this album.

Terminal Reckoning is a disease ridden and corpse laden album that reeks of putrefied cadavers among other eviscerated beings. You would think that the number of victims stops at eight, but that is just an underwhelming assumption. Once Insision smells blood they don’t stop at eight once the album is done, and they don’t stop until everyone is soaked in corrosive acid and set ablaze.

Terminal Reckoning is a hideous behemoth that’s ready to shred anything that stands before it. Insision is death metal that hasn’t been tainted by over production and compromised by any frills. These Swedish death dealers stick to the ever darkening blood stained and scabbed path of pure death metal.

Insision’s new offering gurgles to life with Among Us, which begins with dissonant wailing and whistling winds that shifts into the bludgeoning onslaught and the meat of the album. After the initial brief intro, Insision rumbles on swinging its bloodied ax cutting you into pieces.

Death metal such as this makes you feel as though you’re trapped in a dark dungeon or basement awaiting your torture. It’s a shocking kind of darkness, its menacing and almighty.

Insision brings the hammer down on your skull with gut ripping and rib cracking riffs with an entrail covered bass that rumbles and hacks away at your crumbling face. Atop the heavy chainsaw like riffs are drums that strike with incredible precision cutting every main artery. The vocalist spills his gurgling vocals with a powerful vocal performance that is just as devastating as the crafty musicianship.

Terminal Reckoning is a chugging and lurching mass of viscera and unfiltered death metal. If you’re ever wondering what looking death in the face feels like, just take a few minutes to listen to Terminal Reckoning. With their new release, Insision really grabs you by the throat, and as much of a thrashing as you get you just still can’t stop headbanging.

Below you will find a link to a new song from Insision titled Shapeshifting!




Sevared Records:



December 16, 2015

cover (12).jpg

That old school 90’s black metal sound may be dying out and bands may be more focused on better production, but  Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico surely doesn’t believe in that. Their new album just released this September sounds like something that is straight out of the 90’s. In fact, the album was recorded all with analog equipment to really give it that kind of throw back feel that is almost extinct in black metal these days.  Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico are a throw back to the old, and an ode to the black metal forefathers and just as dark and potent as you would wish it to be.

Torri Del Silenzio isn’t a slow burner by any means. For the majority of the release, the music is played at a quick pace. However,  Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico does slow their tempo down a little bit to create some atmosphere and create a sound that isn’t so soul bludgeoning. Other than just being cold, dark, and bleak, there is a certain poetic quality to Torri Del Silenzio.  The entire album runs almost like an eerily depressing poem.

Overall Torri Del Silenzio is an accessible black metal album and an approachable one as well. However, even though it is approachable and accessible, you still need to let it sink in, maybe not after one listen or two, but many more listens than that.

Torri Del Silenzio is a daunting album and it stands tall in the nether realm of black metal. Torri Del Silenzio is a monolith, it is a fortress, and a force to be reckoned with. You can’t look this album in the face and shake and shiver just a little bit, or sink in a corner somewhere and begin to contemplate what true darkness really is.

The album can stand alone in the middle of a desolate field and you would be able to feel its presence. Torri Del Silenzio is a very ominous being, one that shifts and shapes itself into something that paralyzes you with awe and mysticism.

Pouring from your speakers are ice cold riffs, drums that are rhythmic and chaotic, a bass that makes itself well known, and vocals that sound as though the vocalist swallowed a cup of broken glass before recording. His bloody gurgles help tie everything together and really give you that feeling of isolation and bitter coldness.

The musicianship speaks for itself, but along with the musicianship and the way that they play, comes an atmosphere that can’t be penetrated by any outside force. That atmosphere does as  Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico says and bends to their will, and upon listening so do you. There is a poetic and enchanting quality about Torri Del Silenzio, and with all of the elements that they use tied together, this album is a great listen.

Wrathrone: Born Beneath

December 14, 2015


Wrathrone has been lurking in the Finnish death metal underground for quite some time, and they still do their fair share of lurking and stalking their prey. Born Beneath is their latest release that features eight skull grinding songs. Wrathrone is a brutal death metal band through and through and there are no other sounds in Born Beneath to confuse anyone of that. What Wrathrone does with this release isn’t anything revolutionary, nor are they reinventing any brutal death wheels, but what they do very well with Born Beneath is stick to the brutal death metal path and play music that is quite deadly.

Wrathrone is a bludgeoning beast of a brutal death band that never strays from who they really are. They never stray from the psychotic killers that they are, and they never leave anyone alive. Wrathrone’s display of pure brute strength is something to behold and something that no one should willingly test.

Born Beneath is a disgusting eye gouging good time, one that leaves you eviscerated and bloodied. That may not sound like the best of times, but when discussing brutal death metal there is nothing better than ripping and tearing flesh.

Wrathrone begins their conquest to unlock the secrets of your flesh by strangling you first to knock you unconscious. Once you are out cold the cutting begins and limbs begin to tear off and body parts get saved for a feast.

Wrathrone also takes an old school approach to their style of play. There isn’t anything inside of Born Beneath that adds unnecessary frills or anything over the top. Born Beneath is simply brutal death metal and nothing more. It is an album that is powerful, bulldozing and displays savage strength.

There is only one speed all throughout Born Beneath, and that speed is scorching. Wrathrone doesn’t slow down for anyone even though they have gone through hundreds of bodies already ripping each limb from limb. Even as bloody as they get, there is no stopping Wrathrone once they start and once they get the very first scent of blood or weakness they attack with hateful vengeance.

Each riff is a ripping chainsaw, the drums are bruising and brutish and Wrathrone deploy a bass that hacks anyone up that dares to oppose it. Vocals that are subterranean and behemoth like roar over each and every song instilling a certain amount of fear in you.

All of that isn’t to say that Wrathrone don’t have a melodic bone in their collective bodies. The group is focused and each song is well put together. There is just about as much melody as a brutal death band can cram into one album. But overall, Wrathrone is a brutal death band, and the sheer amount of bludgeoning music on Born Beneath ensures Wrathrone won’t just stop here, but they’ll keep rolling until everyone is put to rest.

Born Beneath will be released January 22nd next year through Inverse Records!

Monday Morning Mayhem

December 13, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Monday Morning Mayhem! This week-much like previous weeks-will provide you with blasphemous, soul destroying metal that will help you kick start your week. Remember to enjoy responsibly!



Listening to Triumvir Foul, one would have to assume they would hail from Norway or Sweden, but you would be wrong. Triumvir Foul in fact hails from Portland, Oregon which seems to be a breeding ground for the dark art of heavy metal and more specifically black metal. Triumvir Foul recently released this self titled debut just a couple of days ago, and since then it has been spreading its darkness over Oregon and the rest of America. With black metal, it always gets compared to other dark entities such as Satan, dismal fog, poisonous and the like. But with Triumvir Foul they can only compare to themselves, since their self titled album is the embodiment of darkness itself. The self titled release is entirely bleak in every sense of the word and has a very haunting and disparaging tone to it. The lo-fi production aides in Triumvir Foul and their quest to spread a plague of darkness across the lands. With the production being the way that it is, Triumvir Foul gives off an old school and very crusty sound. Each riff is schizophrenic and maddening while the drums do their best to destroy any sanity you have left. The vocals pour over the music like a thick stench that has been released from a century old tomb. Triumvir Foul is savage and has the black metal chops to cleave your very being in half.



Taking a look at Lordis and their newly released EP titled Thin Line, they aren’t exactly what they would appear to be, or what one would think that they are. If you take the cover of Thin Line one might think that Lordis is either a black metal band or a doom band or even a combination of the two. But in all reality, Lordis isn’t quite either of those genres. As a matter of fact they may have created something all of their own. Whichever genres you can pin point within Thin Line got mashed up in a blender and out came Lordis. Certain genres are pretty apparent, such as metalcore, deathcore, some doom, but overall Lordis really isn’t any of those. They describe themselves as nu-metalcore or doom groove and whether you agree with it or not, that kind of fits. Lordis and their overall style of play is different and they make that very well known from the very beginning. There’s nothing that is normal about Thin Line and that’s just the way that Lordis likes it. Lordis is an incredibly pissed off band and Thin Line aims only for the jugular. Lordis approaches each song with a break down after break down kind of mentality, like they took every break down ever to be recorded in deathcore and metalcore and made it ten times heavier. Even though each song supplies your yearly dose of break downs, there are other elements that are intriguing. Lordis supplements each song with terrifying atmosphere that make you feel succumbed by hate and aggression. On top of that the vocalist screams in your face until his face is turning different shades of purple. Thin Line can be disorienting because of the sheer amount of anvil sized break downs, but also because of the psychotic vocals and odd addition of insane asylum like sounds. Overall Lordis and their new EP is an interesting listen to say the least and may have created something new to branch off of.




Names need to be catchy for anyone to remember who you are, and once you have a good name for a band you need to live up to it. Spectral Voice has an incredibly haunting and mysterious name, and as far as backing their name up goes, Spectral Voice does so and ten fold. Necrotic Doom is hopefully a taste of things to come from Spectral Voice, but with this little taste of the metal that this group has to offer, is utterly terrifying and completely spirit breaking. Through three songs of some of the darkest doom that is out, you feel crushed under the weight of what pure darkness is. Necrotic Doom sounds like something that should have never been let out of a vault finally got out and started spreading fear and anguish. There really is something about Spectral Voice that is truly haunting. While listening to Necrotic Doom you can feel the room getting colder, you can see your breath, and you can see the room growing noticeably darker. Necrotic Doom sounds like doom of the ancient, of their doom forefathers. Sometimes doom can just be doom and the majority of it sounds very identical, but Spectral Voice gives something extra to the word doom and something new to the genre. Spectral Voice isn’t exactly reinventing the plagued doom wheel, but what they are doing is revitalizing an ancient doom sound, one that was to never escape. Necrotic Doom is filled with glacier slow riffs that are sure to freeze your blood. The entire album is a slow burning slaughtering of your psyche. Spectral Voice picks the tempo up every now and then to give the listener a break from the usual heart stopping slow tempo. They move between slow tempo to a relatively quicker mid tempo, to an even faster romp which comes equipped with rolling and thunderous riffs. The entire album buzzes that it shakes the very foundation of your home. The riffs burn flesh off of your very face, the drums hit like a sack of bricks, the bass gurgles and rumbles along as the vocalist roars and spews his musty vocals all over this brooding release. Spectral Voice does haunt and even raise the dead. Necrotic Doom is a brooding, bleak and sinister and is a release that would look good in any doom fans collection.


Deepest Regrets EP cover art

Druglord may or may not sell you actual drugs, that’s yet to be determined. However, what they will supply you with is some thick and heavy doom. Deepest Regrets EP is three songs long and is packed with old school psychedelic doom. Druglord is a band that makes you feel as though there is something watching you, something lurking over your shoulder at all times. The music itself is equally psychedelic and dark making you feel as though you have been locked in a dark room with only shrooms to eat. None of the hallucinations you experience are good ones as the darkness twists and turns wrapping itself around your throat. Deepest Regrets EP is a dissonant, lurching, buzzing force. The song that is sandwiched in the middle is titled Speedballs to Hell, and what makes this song different from the other two, is the fact that instead of doom Druglord breaks that mold to to dish out a romping sludge metal tune. Speedballs to Hell is the song that provides a little bit of a breather between the two slow crawling paralyzing doom songs. Each riff is lined with an incredible amount of fuzz as the drums are almost hypnotizing you to stay in your drug induced trance for longer. The bass lurches and crawls and the dissonant vocals sound as though they were piped into the studio, and with that the vocals add a certain ghostly quality to the music. Overall, this EP from these Virginia dwellers is a smooth ride through a drug fueled doom wasteland and it fits in to any collection.


That is it for this week’s Monday Morning Mayhem! Hopefully it supplied you with some metal that will help you wake up on Monday!

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