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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

January 31, 2016


Hailing from Nanchang, China is Black Kirin. Black Kirin is a symphonic folk black death metal band. It’s a mouthful I know, but with everything they use at their disposal they make their first full length National Trauma quite the album to behold. Not only do they incorporate black metal, folk and death metal into their music but they also throw in operatic elements as well that fit seamlessly into the music. As far as debut full lengths go, there isn’t much that these guys could have done to make it any better. The music is tight and well crafted and the entire album flows incredibly well together. There isn’t anything that seems to be out of place or that sounds odd or off putting within the album. Each of the numerous elements that Black Kirin uses fit so well together and the end result is one cohesive album that moves like a black metal force all in the same direction. Not only does Black Kirin do justice by the metal community for pumping out an original and very heavy sound, but they also do justice by their culture by adding in those folk elements and traditional Chinese music. The way that they incorporate traditional folk music makes for beautiful atmosphere and paints great soundscapes. Whether you are getting black metal blasphemy or more of the folk side of the music, it is undeniable that the amount of atmosphere in this album cannot be overlooked. The sheer amount of atmosphere and feeling that riddles this album is palpable and a welcome sound as it creates soundscapes that are explorable and immersive. On the flip side of the heavy metal token and paired with the atmosphere of course is the deafening blackened death metal. Once Black Kirin kicks into gear and lets the beast out of the cage, the blackened death rage roams free and goes on a blasphemous rampage. The music is blistering and very technical. The riffs are savage and dance around your head and neck slicing and cutting you as the drums pummel and kick you square in the chest. The bass rumbles in the background and the vocals switch between traditional black metal raspy screams to more of the gravely death metal roar. Coupled with these vocals are the operatic vocals that take place in the background more often than not and are a nice addition to the album. The overall sound of National Trauma is unique and a very interesting listen. The nine songs present on this album are long but you never once feel like it is a chore to listen. National Trauma is a great listen, one that is diverse and will be listened to more than once as the listen counts will and should skyrocket.



A lot of the time when you see a cover that is colorful, what you get inside is also just as colorful. With Horns & Hooves and their three track release Consecrate The Marrow that proves to be true. These blasphemers hail from Brooklyn, New York but sound like something that should be coming from Norway or Iceland. The music that Horns & Hooves plays is in the traditional black metal vein and through three songs what you get is purely blasphemous and purely blackened and cold black metal. You end up subjecting yourself to blistering and chaotic black metal that turns you soul as dark as coal and turns your heart into a sickening black color. Being only three songs long this duo from New York throws as much metal at you as possible and believe me, it is quite a bit of metal to handle. Once the release begins, blackened blistering hell fire shoots from your speakers only to singe and scorch your skin. This is the first offering from these gents and this offering is purely evil and filled with hate and aggression, just the way traditional black metal should be. What you also get within this three track release is pure unrelenting metal as none of the songs lay off the gas not even for a moment. Right from the get go, Horns & Hooves come thrashing out of the bowels of hell and don’t stop until Satan is appeased. Each of the three songs is thrashing and hissing madness. The musicianship is just as violent as the lyrics, and upon listening you end up festering in flames and scorching in hell fire. Consecrate The Marrow is riddled with cold and devastating riffs, writhing tumultuous drums, a thick bass and screams that sound like they were recorded in hell itself. Consecrate The Marrow is a wicked good time and once you listen a wicked smile appears on your face as Satan arises from below right before you. This release is tailored for anyone who is a fan of raw traditional black metal, and this will sit well on your shelf next to your other black metal releases.



The dirtier and grimier the better are words that Oregonians Lung Molde seem to live by. Their self titled is a dirge of grime filled depressive music. The entire listen is a slow burning nihilistic sound that is just as infectious as it is damaging. Lung Molde is incredibly heavy, and while listening  you feel as though a sledgehammer smashed you in the ribs. Each song is riddled with fuzz and crushing buzzing. Once you get trapped inside of the fuzz there is no possible way to find your way out. What ends up settling in once you begin your trek through the dark and dreary passage ways of this release is damaging and psychotic depression. A dark cloud ends up forming over your head dumping hot acid rain on you skewing your reality and distorting your perspective on life. Soon the light begins to fade from your eyes and you can only see the darkness and what the world has come to. Each song is a rolling mass of dark depression that sucks you and won’t release you until you feel just as miserable. For the entirety of this release you feel trapped in your own mind sulking and tearing away at your own sanity. The six track album hisses and spits venom corroding your flesh and eating away at your bones exposing marrow. Each song is long of course, which gives Lung Molde plenty of time to cloud your mind with depressive and evil thoughts. They invade your psyche with buzzing burning riffs, obese bass lines, pounding rhythmic drums and vocals that are unearthly. The only way to scrape the evil doom slugs that infect your mind is to in fact listen to something that is of equal lurking evil and depression. There isn’t anything pretty about this record, and if you are looking for a smooth doom ride this isn’t it. This release is bumpy, buzzing and lined with incredible amounts of fuzz. This is a release for the nihilist, and for the doom aficionado. Listen with caution as you may not come out of a depressive funk.



Swedish riff slingers Dethrone come barreling into the new year with their newest offering titled Incinerate All, and really that’s exactly what they do. With their fused brand of death and thrash metal it’s hard to keep your face for very long as it gets shredded off within minutes of listening. Every song is just a writhing mass of fiery metal that has no problems with provoking mosh pits and stoking the fire that they so promptly start. With all of the headbanging goodness that is present within this release as well, it is hard to keep all of your brain cells as you smash your squishy brain against the bone cage in which it is kept. Played at speeds that break sound barriers, Dethrone aim for destruction and achieve that within minutes of the opening track and never back down for even a minute. There isn’t any breathing room in this album either, as suffocating metal rains down upon you like acid rain. This ten track offering is metal madness in its peak form as you go from one level of blistering speed to the next and the speed never plateaus as it just escalates until it breaks into the stratosphere. As mentioned, Dethrone are riff slingers, and what gets ladled right onto your thick skull is exactly that. You get a heavy dose of savage barbaric riffs injected straight into your veins. And as if that weren’t enough the drums blast and rip their way through your ear drums as the bass smashes what is left of your face. The vocals supplied are throat ripping and feel as though they are screamed right into your face from two inches away. If Dethrone tried to make this new release any more brutalizing and barbaric than it already is, it would be hard to imagine what that would be like. To prepare for this listening adventure, what you need to do is strap yourself in and hold on tight, and even if you do that I can’t guarantee that your bowels won’t turn to paste. Incinerate All does in fact incinerate everything and everyone and incites a headbanging fervor inside of you that just cannot be stopped or calmed. This release is a hell of a head smasher which is just the way death and thrash should be. Congrats Dethrone, I may now have permanent brain damage from all of the headbanging that ensued upon listening.


That concludes Monday Morning Mayhem. Enjoy your chaos and mayhem responsibly!


Mefisto: 2. 0. 1. 6

January 30, 2016

Mefisto - 2. 0. 1. 6 cover

There are albums that you know right from the first riff that it is just going to kick you right in the fucking mouth, and with Mefisto and their debut album 2. 0. 1. 6 that is exactly what you experience. After thirty years of demos flooding the underground, Mefisto are finally releasing their debut album and what a way to debut. 2. 0. 1. 6 is a writhing metal mass of just pure fiery and devastating metal. This album has a swagger like no other album does as it walks in the room and shuts everything down pretty quickly. It snuffs any other noises out and kicks the posers out of the room pretty quickly as well.

Mefisto is pure one hundred percent grade A metal and there isn’t anything within their release to tell you otherwise. That first riff grips you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the end of the album. 2. 0. 1. 6 smashes and destroys whatever lay in its path and it is happy to do so.  Every song is chock full of headbanging goodness and never lets up once as it presses its boot on your throat harder and harder with each passing minute.

Already just minutes into the release, Mefisto creates something that is lasting and completely memorable. Thirty years is a long time to wait to release a debut album, but it sure was and is worth the wait. If you were one of those people waiting for a full length from these guys, the wait is over and you can finally smash your head against the wall with this full length of headbanging and head caving tunes.

Once the album begins, and it does begin like a bat out of hell, there is no slowing down. Mefisto bursts out of hell with Deathrace and from there is the beginning of the end for you. Sooner or later down the line while listening your face will get shredded and your flesh will be flayed, and Mefisto’s work will be known.

The entirety of this album is comprised of heavy riffage, commanding vocals and just a complete solid effort all around. This album is well crafted and well executed and completely rocks the foundation of wherever you are at while listening. Whether you are out and about doing whatever, or you are just at home listening to 2. 0. 1. 6 you can’t help but to headbang into oblivion.

Pure blistering molten metal courses through the veins of this release and that same liquid metal pours out of your speakers and into your ears. Each of the eight songs that are present here take command and demand your attention and respect and that is exactly what they get. Upon listening you feel a need to headbang and air guitar and get everyone in your town involved.

Throughout the listen you get bombarded with sickening writhing riffs and guitar wizardry that is coupled with searing and scorching guitar solos that would melt the face off of the Terminator. Pummeling away are the drums that are just as savage and paired with them is a bass that never quits. Over top the expert musicianship are the vocals that are gritty and powerful and seem like they are yelled at you from the bowels of hell.

2. 0. 1. 6 is one thrashing inferno of metal, and that is just exactly what it is. This release is fiery and unrelenting and awakens the beast inside of you that has been sleeping for years. 2. 0. 1. 6 is a savagely good time, one that makes you headbang until you don’t have any brain cells left and one that just gives you that kick in the teeth that we all need sometimes. After thirty years of slumbering in the underground, Mefisto burst forth with a debut that cannot and should no be overlooked.

2. 0. 1. 6 will be released February 22, 2016 off Vicrecords.

Elferya: Eden’s Fall

January 30, 2016


With their brand new album Eden’s Fall, Swiss symphonic metal band Elferya are more than capable of shredding your ears off symphonically, and with this new album that is exactly what they do. With this eleven track album you get whisked away on the back of a winged symphonic beast. Every minute of the album is filled with great melodies, soaring vocals and a heavy dosage of straight up headbanging metal. The entire album flows together very well, and instead of having individual songs that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, the album works as a whole and works together as a cohesive symphonic metal machine.

Heavy metal is supposed to take you to different places. Whether it be death metal that takes you to a killing room, black metal that takes you to the center of hell of a dismally dark forest, or symphonic metal that really makes you feel as though you are living a story, metal is supposed to make you feel something else and take you away for a while. With Eden’s Fall Elferya does exactly that. For at least forty plus minutes you are taken away with them and succumb to the weight and sheer brilliance of the album.

As heavy as this album is you end up getting sucked in with soft melodies and the wonderfully crated symphonic elements. From the get go Eden’s Fall digs its hooks straight into your ears and once you begin listening that’s it, you’re hooked. Elferya take your ears on a symphonic metal ride that you aren’t soon to forget. One listen ends up turning into many and sooner or later you end up singing the lyrics and breaking out the air guitar to the bouncing heavy riffage.

Eden’s Fall is undeniably memorable and try as you might, you just can’t get the songs out of your head. Without being hook laden and repetitive, each song-as well as the entire album-is a memorable experience and lyrics as well as riffs get stuck in your head whether you know it or not. Elferya from the beginning just grabs a hold of you and never lets go.

Elferya does a great job of giving you plenty of variety as well. None of the eleven songs sound the same at all and vary between softer sounds and harsher heavier hitting sounds. Since you don’t get the same sound twice it is a nice journey through the album because you don’t know what to expect next. Nothing is a huge surprise, like if they transitioned into a full on death metal romp in the middle of a song, but the variation between each song is a nice change of pace and gives you more to look forward to.

Each song is solid, there really are no weak points to them at all. The riffs are solid and driven, the drums are rhythmic and galloping, the bass is heavy and thick and the symphonic elements are tied in perfectly with every song. The vocals of new vocalist Melody Dylem are soaring and infectious and more often than not you feel a strong urge to belt out the lyrics with her.

As a matter of fact, the entire album is infectious. As mentioned there are no weak points to this effort. Eden’s Fall is a solid brick of symphonic metal, and each song is tight, well crafted and well executed. There really isn’t much more you can ask for in an album, and there really isn’t much more that Elferya could have done to make this release any better as it is damn near flawless as it is. This album does a lot for a listener, and is one that should not be looked over by anyone.

Hellsodomy: Sodomy Is Nigh

January 29, 2016


Looking for something that is equally head caving and blasphemous? You certainly don’t have to look any further as Hellsodomy brings you both head caving and blasphemous old school death metal. Sounding like they’ve been dug up from the grave, their new EP Sodomy Is Nigh drags you into a coffin of your own with a cold skeletal hand. There are only four songs on this EP but each song hacks, slashes and decapitates its victims.

Upon opening the putrid coffin from which Sodomy Is Nigh was born, you get a tepid whiff of death and dried blood. That stench that you catch a hint of is from the mutilated corpses that Hellsodomy has accumulated over the short period of their existence. One can only imagine the body count that an entire full length would rack up.

For now we have this EP, and this EP isn’t something that should be overlooked either. As a matter of fact it forces you to listen, and if you happen to pass over it you become a wall ornament in the house of the insane that Hellsodomy hails from. Sodomy Is Nigh is a savage release, one that is out for blood, and not just to shed it but to revel in it and revel in your demise.

To begin this release, Hellsodomy doesn’t ease you in with an intro either as you are kicked into the pit of death and left to scramble for your life. The entire EP is a shredding, blood curdling and bone breaking experience. Sodomy Is Nigh is a grimy and grit filled effort, bringing forth only the sickest of sicknesses.

The EP is covered in gore and viscera and won’t hesitate to take you in for its collection of putrefying bodies. Even through four songs, Hellsodomy brings forth a performance that is behemoth like, a performance that is powerful and can decapitate you with no effort at all.

Each riff is soaked in blood and hacks off limbs with precision while the drums smash and destroy anything that is left in their path. The bass rumbles and ruptures blood vessels leaving you bleeding profusely. To tie the onslaught together are the vocals that are demonic and completely submerged in a thick coating rotting crimson.

What you would expect from a band that named themselves Hellsodomy is exactly what you get. Within Sodomy Is Nigh you get unrelenting death metal that pummels you in the face with a sledgehammer forcing you to swallow your own teeth. The entire EP is a writhing mass of eviscerated and decapitated bodies. Sodomy Is Nigh is a great listen, and will please any of you sick and twisted death metal fans.

Dawnstar: Untitled

January 28, 2016

Dawnstar Music Cassette Cover.jpg

Hailing from Germany is Dawnstar, and Dawnstar is an atmospheric instrumental black metal band. Their untitled release offers up twenty-one minutes of traditional black metal, just without the banshee screams. Throughout the release you get that cold and dark feeling with the ever blistering traditional black metal onslaught. Without the vocals present, this black metal release really makes you focus on the atmosphere that it provides as well as just letting the darkness flow over you.

This untitled release never really slows down to let you catch your breath, until it really does slow down around the half way mark. For the first ten minutes of the release you get nothing but freezing cold traditional black metal. The second half of the release offers up the more atmospheric side of things as you do not get the pummeling guitar melodies. What you do get are atmospheric sounds that are close to being depressive and melancholic, and you get subjected to that for the latter half.

Dawnstar provides you with a listen that is interesting. More often than not we are use to hearing blood curdling cries from a vocalist that seems to have had his throat shredded before the performance. And with a vocalist, a band can really drive their ideals and their message home. But even without a vocalist Dawnstar still provides an atmospheric and blasphemous time.

All throughout the release you get rhythmic cutting guitars, solid writhing drumming, and a bass that provides more than a thick back bone. Mixed into the crafty musicianship are the dark overtones that you would expect to hear in black metal. The atmosphere shines through in this release with the unique musicianship.

Once the sordid and lurking evil of the musicianship subsides, the latter half of the release kicks in. There are two different halves to this cassette and they compliment each other well. While the first half of the cassette is filled with loud, rhythmic and atmospheric black metal, the latter half is strictly the atmospheric element.

The untitled release by Dawnstar is one that is for any traditional black metal fan as well as for the fan of just instrumental work. This has a little bit for each fan. It is a good listen, it is atmospheric and it is wholly darkened and pure black metal.

Nidafjoll: Einar

January 28, 2016


There is a grand notion that all of black metal is completely about Satan, cults, black magik and other sinister things. As we know that isn’t close to true at all. Take Nidafjoll and their brand new album Einar for instance. This album is a concept album that is set in Norse mythology, and speaks of two characters who die at the beginning of Ragnarok. Through the album, one man band Nidafjoll tells the story of the man searching for his beloved, and all the while the world is crumbling around him. His search for his beloved leads to Niflheim which is the realm of Hel to beg for her back, and upon being refused he offers to have his own heart frozen so he can stop feeling the pain of having lost his loved one.

Now if that isn’t already better than ninety percent of the bullshit movies out now I don’t know what is. The point is, is that black metal isn’t simply about demons and witchcraft, it can certainly be about this as well. And all throughout Einar you get and emotional journey, one that ranges through different emotions. As much as you may fight the emotions, they catch you anyway and put you on a one way train to Feeladelphia.

The entirety of the album is comprised of blistering pagan black metal, symphonic folk elements and of course a compelling story. With everything combined you get great soundscapes and you can see the characters and the story take shape as though a play was unfolding before your very eyes.

The imagery and the lyrics are very vibrant painting wonderful soundscapes in which you explore with the man that is searching for his loved on. You almost feel what he may have been feeling at the time and venture far and wide to find his beloved with him. It is an emotional trek, one that takes a toll on you physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

You get great mixtures of the folk elements with the blistering black metal to create this story and have it unfold before you. Without the folk music to back the story and if there were only the cold and dense black metal to go off of the story wouldn’t nearly have the same impact.

Each song-as well as the album-is crafted very well. Within each song you get droves upon droves of emotion and what drives all of that emotion home is the symphonic folk elements. On top of that you get the blistering black metal in which the riffs are a solid wall of anger, the drums pummel and crack rock, and the vocalist provides great vocal arrangements as he transitions between larynx shredding screeches and haunting cleans.

Einar has an incredible concept and that concept is all put together seamlessly with great musicianship and great story telling. Nidafjoll mixes plenty of feeling and emotion all into a twelve track album, and at the end you aren’t sure what you should be feeling. However, at the end you will know for certain that what you just listened to was a great story told within a great album by a great story teller.

Pokerface: Divide and Rule

January 27, 2016


Are any of you, my readers, looking for some speed? Since I’m positive that was a resounding “Yes!”, you’ll be glad to know that I do have some speed for you. It isn’t the drug in case you are wondering. The speed comes from Pokerface and their new effort Divide and Rule. With all kidding aside, if you are looking for something entirely aggressive and filled with neck snapping speed, you only need to look toward Pokerface. Once they step on the gas and flip on the nitro, it’s all over from there. Your brain sinks back in your skull and your bones turn to jelly.

After the few seconds of intro that you get upon pressing play, you get thrust into a hyper speed thrash fest. And after those few seconds are over, Pokerface kicks it into high gear never letting off of the gas for thirty plus minutes. Divide and Rule is like being strapped into a roller coaster that has just flown off of the rails and burst into flames.

Through ten songs you get a fair amount of whiplash, more than you would get from being in an accident. It is almost startling how fast the pace is that these thrashing behemoths play at, and it is almost just as startling that none of them burst into flames while playing. The only speed they know is mach five, and I believe that the word “Slow” has been erased from their vocabulary completely.

Each song is covered in burning liquid metal that sears your skin and melts your flesh. The face shredding metaphor is used a lot of course and for good reason, and if there was a good time to use that metaphor it would be now. Pokerface is face shredding, and they don’t shy away from the dirty work that it takes to in fact shred your face.

For the entirety of the album they are in your face and they never back down once. They never apologize for being gritty, devastating and punching you in the gut either. Divide and Rule”is the kind of album that makes you feel physically exhausted after listening. It is the type of album that makes you feel as though you’ve gone twelve rounds in a ring with a heavy weight boxing champion.

Each riff is massive and jabs at you like a hot iron that was just pulled from the fire as the drums kick and pummel your face in like you are a piece of wet cardboard. A fat bass cracks and writhes in the background as the vocalist pitches throat ruining vocals to the forefront of the music. The vocals are a combination of gravely screams and lower more death metal-esque roars. No matter which vocal is being screamed at you, they’re vicious and aim to intimidate.

Through and through this album bleeds metal and it bleeds profusely. “Divide and Rule” is a shredding monster that wraps itself around your neck squeezing as hard as they can until your head pops off, and if that doesn’t work you will end up headbanging your head off regardless. Pokerface is blistering and they showcase with Divide and Rule exactly why they are so deadly.

Mortuary: Nothingless than Nothingness

January 26, 2016


Whatever state you are in right now, whether it be sane, insane, if you are currently moshing, or if you are just sitting still, forget all of it, because Mortuary and their new release Nothingless than Nothingness will make you get up and start a frenzy of moshing madness. Through forty minutes you end up getting blistering, slaughtering and pyre stoking metal. Mortuary combine death metal with thrash and come up with a violent concoction of metal and all throughout their new release they do not back off one bit.

Out of the gate they lay the hammer down to instill the mosh spirit in you and create a demon full of rage and fuel enough to knock down a sky scraper. Through Nothingless than Nothingness you get ten songs that are unrelenting in their assault and their attack of your nervous system. Mortuary keep attacking from all sides and are completely unapologetic of the fact that they make you feel like a rag doll.

The entire album is a well put together slaughtering of your well being. Nothingless than Nothingness puts you in harms way, and doesn’t look back even after you have been flattened by the thrashing heavy metal train that is Mortuary. Headbanging feverish fits are in full swing upon listening to Nothingless than Nothingness and chaos is at a high.

If moshing isn’t your thing that’s fine, but you will be sucked into the mosh pit cyclone regardless of your stance on them. This release is a spinning vortex of maddening thrashing death metal that consumes everything in its path succumbing everything that is in its way-including you-to a fiery headbanging death.

Mortuary really does do a great job in mixing the two hectic and brutalizing genres giving both plenty of time to shine and shred. Each genre provides plenty of chaos and destruction, that is completely undeniable. All throughout you get writhing, devastating and entirely dangerous metal.

Each song supplies you with your daily injections of high powered riffs of metal fury, savage drumming, an obese bass and vocals that not only shred the vocalists throat but your throat as well. Every song is executed very well and the entire album is crafted expertly. The production is tight and sound and the entire album rips and shreds.

There isn’t a song that lays its foot off of your throat. Nothingless than Nothingness throws you around the room like a rag doll and makes you feel as though you have some neck snapping whiplash after a listen. Mortuary is blistering fast and provides you with enough head cranking tunes to last you a while. Entirely made for death and thrash metal fans, this will find its way on many shelves and will explode the ears of many fans.

Check out the song Empty from their album Nothingless than Nothinness!

Charming Timur: So Much So Little So Little So Much

January 26, 2016

charming tumar 2015 album cover

There really isn’t anything that you can expect from experimental metal. There isn’t anything normal about it hence the name. For something to be deemed experimental metal it truly needs to be out of the ordinary and off the wall. What you get with Charming Timur is exactly that. Charming Timur is a one man band, and his newest release is titled So Much So Little So Little So Much, and within this intriguing release you get sixteen songs that follow no pattern, no structure and absolutely no path what so ever.

What you get with these sixteen unique songs are sounds that perhaps you have not heard before, and songs that jump from two minutes to six in a heart beat. With there being no consistency at all with this album, perhaps that is part of the draw and perhaps that is exactly what makes it so intriguing to listen to.

By no means am I saying that this album is bad because it isn’t. What I am simply stating is that So Much So Little So Little So Much strays from the norm so much and strays from the path that you can’t even see it anymore. Charming Timur has created something that is entirely different and separates itself from the majority of the pack.

Right out of the gate you can tell that the album isn’t normal. So Much So Little So Little So Much sounds as though you are trapped inside of the mind of a man that is schizophrenic with the walls closing in faster and faster every minute. You can’t escape and the only thing left to do is endure the schizophrenic attack.

Odd noises and off beat sounds jump out at you making you feel off balance and unsure of yourself. Each song jumps around so much that you can’t get a beat on it and you never know which direction it is heading next. With a mixture of genres and noises thrown into the heavy metal blender it’s hard to tell where the sounds begin and where they end.

Thrown in the mix are a lot of industrial elements, electronic elements, black metal and death metal. All of them are combined to create something that sounds manic and insane. Each element does its best to subdue you and further your descent into complete and utter madness.

At points the songs are depressive and after listening you feel as though an ever lasting depression has been weighed upon your shoulders. Even with everything going on, over top each and every song there is a certain depression and darkness that is noticeable and palpable. There feels like there is plenty of emotion to back the music and it certainly shows.

So Much So Little So Little So Much is a very eclectic album. One minute your brain is getting blasted with industrial metallic noises and at others you get brief glimpses of manic black metal. The one consistent thing all throughout the record are the vocals. Three types of vocal protrude through the insanity. The first are the clean vocals, and on any other given album they may drive you crazy as at times they seem a little flat, but with this album they work well and provide an extra layer of darkness. The other vocal styling is the black metal vocal that gets screamed over the music and is frosty and dark. Finally the last vocal is akin to a death metal style growl which only appears for short periods of time and disappears again.

The overall sound of So Much So Little So Little So Much is interesting to say the least. It is madness in its own right. It is a trip into madness and a road down a path that isn’t really traveled all too much. So Much So Little So Little So Much is an album for the traveler, it is an album for the adventurous, and if that is you then this album is certainly for you.

Zafakon: Release

January 25, 2016

Release Artwork.jpg

Stomping and storming their way into you ears is thrash/death metal act Zafakon. And “stomping” and “storming” are the correct words to use really as Zafakon only knows how to do both of those and very well. While the entirety of the album is played a blistering pace, Zafakon remain melodic and rhythmic all throughout. There are moments of course where they do let up in pace, but there aren’t any moments where they let up on the melodious nature. Being melodic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any brute force quickness either, it simply means that Zafakon is focused and dedicated to giving out that inferno like play as well as keep their melodic edge.

Right from the get go, Zafakon shoots out of the gate like a bat out of hell, and each song is no different. Zafakon and their album Release really don’t give you a chance to get ready for the molten metal that is inside either. There really isn’t time to prepare for a whiplash, volatile and explosive onslaught of metal. As soon as you push play, you get strapped in and the album takes off whether you are ready or not.

With both thrash and death metal combined, what you get is an explosive effort. You get the wild untamed side of thrash paired up with the completely brutalizing and fear instilling side of death metal. The marriage between the two genres has been going on for ever. With this match up, both genres kind of mellow each other out. The thrash elements aren’t completely off the hinges and the death metal aspects aren’t slaughtering the innocent and setting fires to cars and random strangers.

All of that being said, Release is still an intense listen it is just a little more controlled and melodic. Every song rips you apart and throws you up against numerous walls and still takes bats to your knees. This effort by Zafakon is just laser focused and tight and nothing breaks their vision of pure metal domination.

Release is an undeniably good headbanging time, and if your neck wasn’t so strong you probably wouldn’t have a head after listening. The head smashing and brain damaging fits that you get into upon listening to the newest offer by Zafakon are violent and feverish.

The driving motivation behind these brain damaging headbanging fits is of course the savage way in which these gents beat their instruments. The riffs are blazing and incredibly tight coupled with squealing guitar solos that incite an air guitar fest, the drum kit is beaten within an inch of its life as the drummer pounds away, the bass slaps you across the face with the thick hand of trash. Last but not least are the vocals, and those are screamed at you with a throaty gravel filled scream in the strain of death metal.

Release is an inferno of metal and keeps blazing long after it is concluded. It is a long album for a death and thrash hybrid, but it makes you want to listen more than just a couple of times. It is a savage beating that you take, but it is well worth it when listening. Headbang all you want, just make sure you get yourself a neck brace because you may need it.

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