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Seven Steps of Denial: From Ashes

January 2, 2016


Formed in the wake of the ashes from disbanded thrash attack Anubis, two men still forged on and wanted to create something new and still wanted to create music. Laurens and Dennis are the names of the two who still wanted to create metal for the masses and from that Seven Steps of Denial was born. Since Seven Steps of Denial’s inception in 2008, they have been rolling and supplying headbanging goodness for the people. Their EP The Pursuit was released in late 2011 and after that Italian label Audio Ferox/Paige picked them up and offered to release a full length. Years later, here we are listening to their debut full length From Ashes.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication to heavy metal, Seven Steps of Denial bring to you an album that has over an hours worth of material. From Ashes is a monster of an album reaching fourteen songs of pure shredding heavy metal. Not a single song on this release won’t grab your attention and make you headbang or sing a long.

With the album being as large as it is, there is no denying that it does have its fair share of gems, or maybe you may find that the entire album is a gem itself. From Ashes is an album that requires a lot of attention and takes a little while to absorb. One listen doesn’t do this justice as it calls for many more than just one go around.

From Ashes demands respect and commands you to pay your undivided attention to it. For an hour you will be entertained as nothing on this album really allows you to be bored. Even with a long run time Seven Steps of Denial does a great job of keeping your focus with great song writing and superb musicianship.

Each song is gripping no matter whether they slow the tempo down or whether they shred your face off with a blistering display of smoldering heavy metal. Seven Steps of Denial does a good job of mixing tempos as well so you don’t get overwhelmed with the sheer dizzying power of massive riffs and mountain moving drums.

From Ashes is a piece of work that dares you to defy it as it stares you in the eyes and dares you to not listen. This release is a towering inferno of heavy metal and never backs down no matter who the listener is. The riffs come at you at full ramming speed only slowing down once they’ve reached the back of your skull. Drums pound and writhe their way through mountains as the bass cracks and pile drives the pavement. Vocals soar through the air gripping your ears and commanding you to sing along.

This one hour monolith shreds with the best and as a debut album, this is as good as one can get. There isn’t anything on From Ashes that will make you think that it could be better. From the ashes of Anubis rises a phoenix named Seven Steps of Denial and their debut From Ashes is a very fitting name. Each of the fourteen songs makes you headbang in a feverish fit and really that’s just what metal is about.


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