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Monday Morning Mayhem

January 3, 2016

Welcome to the very first installation of Monday Morning Mayhem of the new year. Monday Morning Mayhem is your one stop shop for all things chaotic and metal. I’m sure you had your choice in mayhem, so thank you for choosing Monday Morning Mayhem as your dose of mayhem. Read on carefully and responsibly!



Kicking things off in a truly sordid fashion, we find Rotten Casket hailing from The Netherlands. Consumed By Filth is their newest release which was just put out at the end of the year last year. Rotten Casket plays  an old school style of death metal that is as dirty and rumbling as you wish it to be. Crawling out of their tombs, Rotten Casket offers you a blood stained effort of six entrail dragging songs. This release often feels as though it has been soaked in gore and marinated in blood. The old feeling that you get from it when listening is a good feeling. It’s that old school death that makes you feel as though you’ve been rolling in filth and reveling in gore all day. Consumed By Filth is a skin shredder, one that strips the skin from your flesh while you watch. They cull the weak and stomp on the dead with their bludgeoning assault. Rotten Casket never just simply plays an inferno like pace as they slow their songs down to bring in an almost doom like element. Not only to they crush your spirit with a blood fueled rampage, but they eviscerate you with a slower head caving tempo as well. Each riff deployed is like a soldering iron to the face and the drums are somersaulting and kick with tremendous force. Each song has a bass presence that is thick enough to choke a horse. The vocals vomit forth covering each song with a sickening amount of bile and regurgitated limbs. Rotten Casket truly is rotten in all of the best ways possible, and Consumed By Filth really is an all consuming old school death effort.



Do you like atmosphere and droves upon heaping droves of darkened melodies? If your answer was, “Of fucking course I do!”, then look no further than Canada’s own Wilt. Moving Monoliths is a monolith of its own. The album is massive and a complete monster to try and tackle. More than one listen is warranted as not everything could possibly soak in on just one lone listen. These Manitoba natives fuse black metal with doom and create something wholly dark and abyssal. Wilt uses plenty of atmosphere in this release which paints soundscapes of haunting forests and dismal fog. Each song hangs on you like a cloak of despair that has been draped over your head. With the long run times, Wilt has plenty of time to draw you in and grip you with a cold clammy hand that leads you down an ever darkening path. Keeping one’s attention is hard enough to do regularly, but sit them in front of an album with an expansive run time and tell them to listen to it through and through without taking a break is near impossible. However, Wilt does a great job of keeping our gold fish like attention spans with great musicianship, broad soundscapes and plenty of atmosphere to get lost in. Moving Monoliths is a mysterious album, one that lurks in the shadows and keeps to itself, but once it gets the chance to be put on display it shows off its almighty blackened doom powers. Looking over this album in 2015 was a crime and I’ll eventually turn myself in. Moving Monoliths is an album to pay attention to, and Wilt is a band to keep an eye on for the future.



Boarding the death metal train to New Zealand we stumble upon a corpse filled alley which leads us to Silent Torture. The woman on the cover looks like she isn’t having too much fun being sliced and diced and turned into who knows what, but that may be what you will be looking like after a listen to Your Creation. Silent Torture plays some death metal in a very intense and brutal fashion. Their attack isn’t so silent as they attack you from all sides with brute force a menagerie of sharp objects and weapons. Your Creation is compiled of four putrid flesh filled tracks of terrorizing death metal. There are no interludes or intros or anything of that nature as Silent Torture attacks from the get go and never stops there. After letting your blood they aim for others to add to their growing pile of mutated and mutilated cadavers. Sticking to their true death metal guns, Silent Torture deploys ripping riffs that strip flesh from bone, while blasting drums that are punishing and life threatening. The bass is a force of brutalizing proportions itself as it cracks and splits your head wide open. The vocals transition between a bile soaked growl, piercing pig squeals and gravely highs. This release by these New Zealand natives is a kick in the gut (or chainsaw), and once they’re done with you don’t think they won’t come after the rest of your family as well.



Back with a brand new album for all of us to smoke to is Gorepot. In Pot We Trust was released at the very end of last year. Gorepot plays slamming brutal death metal and none of their music really takes itself seriously which is the best part of it all. It’s as brutal as you can get but what Gorepot does is add a bit of humor to their music as well which is a nice touch honestly since a lot of bands tend to take things too seriously. Whether the music does take itself seriously or not doesn’t matter, the fact still remains that Gorepot really is terrifyingly brutal. Not only do they supply the bud, but they supply droves of pavement cracking slams and skull numbing brutal death. In Pot We Trust is played at a blistering pace and this album never slows down for anyone, no matter how high you are. The riffs are as down tuned as they can get, the bass is as thick as you’d like an the vocals are of the putrid and guttural variety. The drums never stop blasting away at your skull as Gorepot does their best to disorient you with the obscene amount of brutality that is packed into this release. In Pot We Trust is an incredibly entertaining album, one that really never gets old and one that you can listen to over and over again. Roll a joint and enjoy yourself the blasting fury that is Gorepot, I know I will.


That concludes the very first Monday Morning Mayhem of the new year. I hope you enjoy and enjoy responsibly!

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