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Jesusegg: Jesusegg

January 4, 2016



If you already aren’t bracing for impact, then I highly suggest that you do since Jesusegg may be one of the most volatile bands I’ve heard/written about. Jesusegg is pure grind and completely chaotic at that. They may as well call themselves psychotic grind. Their new self titled album which was released by Seeing Red Records last month on Christmas is stuffed with twenty-four bone jarring and brain rattling songs. For the most part these Cleveland natives keep their grind traditional, however they do add some progressive elements to their music as well. Instead of just attacking you with fits of riffs and drum blasts they employ the use of brass and horns every now and then as well.

More than just being a completely chaotic grind band Jesusegg are captivating as well. And what I really mean by captivating, is that you really are their captive audience. They trap you inside of their sickening crumbling grind world and never let you out. Instead they blast their music inside of your head every day until it’s seared into your brain.

This self titled release is strong and an imposing force. It is a behemoth of a grind album, one that has no problem throwing you around the room like a rag doll as it laughs maniacally. Listening to this self titled release is more than likely the equivalent of being trapped in a schizophrenic mind. Nothing at all stands still in this album, everything jumps around feverishly scrambling your brain and frying your ear drums.

The mixture of slaughtering grind and a brass section makes for one wild ride, one that you can never get off of, but one that you certainly will die on. Each song is one whiplash after another, and sooner or later you will get brain damage.

You begin the album in a volcanic fashion only to end it skidding while scorching in flames as you barrel toward a wall. It is a dizzying effort to say the least and it is a futile effort to keep up with what number song you are on. The quicker you succumb to the madness that is Jesusegg, the easier the ride may get…scratch that the ride doesn’t get easier, you just won’t feel anything when you are hurdled toward the pavement at mach five speeds.

Each riff is as psychotic as it gets. They don’t dance around and aren’t here to supply you with any type of atmosphere. Instead they are here to skewer you and serve you up on a bloodied platter. The drums only add to the madness as they blast their way straight through your sternum. All of the already brain melting music is coupled with horns that add to your disorientation. They add an element of insanity that wasn’t there before shockingly enough. Grabbing you by the jugular are the vocals as they switch between raspy cries of madness and gut ripping gutturals.

The overall sound of Jesusegg is interesting and as loony as it is very well put together. Each song is crafted very well, and the entire album grabs you and never lets go. This album will please grind heads that fiend for traditional grind as well as fans that appreciate something different. There is no denying that Jesusegg are innovative and completely bludgeoning. One piece of advice, hold on tight before listening.

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