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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Seraphic Disgust: AltarCunt

January 4, 2016

NHD-2015-1 Seraphic Disgust-AltarCunt - front

Just looking at the cover of AltarCunt which is the new release from Seraphic Disgust you would think that Seraphic Disgust would be from anywhere but the U.S. right? Wrong. Seraphic Disgust hails from none other than San Diego, California. These California natives mix black metal with death to create a dark, dismal and ever pissed off sound. Not only will they summon demons to slaughter your soul, but they will drag you to the forest slit your throat and bury you in a shallow maggot filled grave as well.

This release is purely evil and shrouded in blood and ever blackening darkness. The mixture of the two genres makes for a jarring time. AltarCunt is as evil as it is brutal. Seraphic Disgust does a great job of mixing the two genres without having one over shadow the other. Each element gets its fair share of run time and its fair share of your flesh.

Seraphic Disgust is as piercing as can be. They thrive when covered in molten darkness and feast off of your fear, and that is exactly what they set out to do. They set out to make you fear them and submit to their blackened power. This release is in the business of claiming souls, and by the sound of it AltarCunt has claimed plenty.

Over the last few months of this release being present, one can only think that it has claimed its fair share of victims. Seraphic Disgust truly is dark, and as dark as they are they are forceful and play each song with a startling vengeance and anger.

Each song lures you closer to your death upon the altar of sacrifice where black blood drips down on a mountain of severed and dismembered bodies. AltarCunt is intimidating to say the least as you find yourself backed into a corner with a knife being waved over your head.

Each riff is of the cutting and life threatening variety as the drums kick and swing at your head knocking you unconscious. The bass does he rest as it slashes your throat with its buzzing intensity. Roars both of the death metal vein and the black metal strain fill your head haunting you for hours on end.

AltarCunt sets souls ablaze with darkened hell fire. The album is serpentine and shape shifts from black metal to death metal making it all the more lethal and potent. Seraphic Disgust is dangerous in their attack and their delivery which makes this release so fun to approach and listen to.

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