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Grave Forsaken: The Fight Goes On

January 5, 2016

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Hailing from Australia is thrash metal act Grave Forsaken. The Fight Goes On is their most recent release only coming out a little over one month ago. Grave Forsaken have a little bit of a different approach to thrash metal than most do. Their style of music and their lyrics largely reflect on positive things or things that we can do to be better. Being positive every once in a blue moon will probably ensure that we aren’t just all wallowing in self pity so listening to something a little more up lifting is sometimes a fresh breath of air.

Grave Forsaken are no strangers to the music scene as they have released six studio albums so far and from the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be stopping any time soon. Through this release they push a lot of energy out of your speakers and generally make you have a good time headbanging to some shredding tunes.

There are eight songs here on The Fight Goes On and each delivers something different, something that you haven’t heard in the songs previous. Grave Forsaken does a great job of mixing things up and never creating music that is stagnant or gets lost in your memory easily.

Just because the messages are a little more positive than most are use to hearing doesn’t exactly mean that they lay off of the heavy throttle any less. Everything that everyone likes about thrash is present, just instead of headbanging your head for the sake of anarchy, you will be headbanging to be uplifting and a generally not so spiteful human.

Their brand of thrash metal however at times isn’t as fast or blistering as we are use to either. In fact most of the songs on this release are played at more of a mid tempo than at a blistering break neck pace.

However, with the above being said, the riffs are still heavy and slicing, each guitar solo is bursting with intensity, the drums hit hard and hit often and the bass thumps and provides a heavy back bone to each song. The vocals are supplied with a gritty sound almost as though they are being have yelled and half spoken.

This eight track release  by these cheery gentlemen are thrash through and through, and with their positive messages throughout it is an uplifting listen as well. You get to headbang and feel good about yourself all at the same time, and really who doesn’t like to feel good and headbang?

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