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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Endless Recovery: Revel In Demise

January 6, 2016


To begin their new release, Endless Recovery doesn’t ease you into it at all. In fact they more or less catapult you head first into it. There really is no intro to prepare you for the break neck speeds in which you witness upon listening. You get thrust head first into a thrash attack that is entirely lethal and permanently damaging to your health. A savage beating is dosed out in ten tracks, and once the album begins you are launched into hyper drive, and once the album is over you hit a brick wall only to ask to be loaded up again and shot out of a cannon once more.

Revel In Demise if you couldn’t gather is an album that is played at sound barrier breaking speeds. It sounds as though they took the regular speed that thrash had to offer and cranked it up higher than usual. There is no in between at all. There is no mid tempo and there certainly aren’t any slower songs to give your spine a rest. You may not even have a head on your shoulders after listening to the entire release.

Endless Recovery play thrash metal in the utmost urgency to snap as many necks as they can and cause as much chaos and fiery mayhem as possible. With Revel In Demise both of those feats are completely doable and well in hand.

As far as the neck snapping goes, there is no way that you can control the speed at which you windmill your hair around and headbang. As slow as you try to take it, and as much as you try to ease yourself into a headbanging fervor you always end up finding yourself headbanging to the speed and intensity of the music. In the other hand you have the chaos which is easy to create when listening to such volatile music. You can’t help but to throw yourself from the roof or smash a few lamps over someone’s head.

Revel In Demise makes you feel as though you need to throw on either a leather jacket or a jean jacket with cut off sleeves, go into town and start up as many fights as you can possibly get yourself into. While that isn’t recommended, the album has a way of taking control of you and igniting fire within that you may have felt that has died out or that has been missing for some time.

The precision of the musicianship is great as nothing is off beat or out of line all throughout the record. Whipping dizzying riffs thrash around like a bull in a china shop as ear drum shredding solos assault you and kick you to the curb. The drums leave you with plenty of bruises and marks as the bass being as thick and present as it is thumps you on the side of your fragile noggin.

For thrash to be thrash you need charismatic and gritty vocals and with Endless Recovery that is exactly what you get. The vocalist shows plenty of power with the belted out vocals that are scarred and gritty. Every now and then he sways from the grit and grunge and belts out a higher pitched scream, but he always comes back to the filth.

Endless Recovery is a dirty and grimy thrash metal band that takes no prisoners and has no time for apologies. Revel In Demise whips you around and thrashes you about, but even though you take the beatings you will come back for more thrash madness.

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