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Show Me Wolves: Gates In The Shadows Song Premiere

January 8, 2016


Today, I have something very special for you all. Today I present to you a song premiere off of Show Me Wolves’ new album The World They Took Over. The song is titled  Gates In The Shadows” and it is over six minutes of twisted black metal. I say twisted because Show Me Wolves isn’t exactly your traditional black metal band. This one man act focuses on progressing the genre by adding different elements as well as different genres into the music. What you get from that is something that is entirely focused, driven, and something new that you may not have heard before. Gates In The Shadows is a great intro to Show Me Wolves if you have not heard the band before because in this song, Show Me Wolves really displays the uniqueness of the band and the free will that he gets to play with. Of course you get fast paced tempos and buzzing guitars and howling vocals, but more than that you get melody, atmosphere and focus. Listening gives you a more in depth feel than reading and having someone explain it to you. If you wish to read the entire comprehensive review of the album you can here. And without further adieu I present Gates In The Shadows by Show Me Wolves.

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