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Dead End Scene: Dance On Broken Glass

January 9, 2016

Dead End Scene EP-Cover

Hailing from a little place called Helsinki, Finland comes Dead End Scene and with them they bring along their new EP titled Dance On Broken Glass. Dead End Scene mixes hard rock with heavy metal, and what comes out of that is three brand new songs that are groove laden and filled with plenty of melody. Essentially Dead End Scene is a riff factory, one that never quits and never stops producing hard hitting riffs.

Dance On Broken Glass is a memorable and catchy listen. The riffs get stuck in your head more than anything, but the lyrics themselves are also just as catchy. Dead End Scene seems to have written songs that are radio ready and I’m sure will get plenty of air time on a hard rock or metal station. Even though some of the songs may be radio ready that doesn’t mean that they aren’t any less heavy.

Having just started out and with Dance On Broken Glass being their second EP, Dead End Scene seems to be headed in the right direction. Already this five piece knows how to write catchy songs without having to sacrifice the heavy aspects.

Each song is bursting at the seams with heavy and hard rocking riffs.  As mentioned, each of the three songs is melodic and memorable. You catch a lot of bouncing and groove laden riffs supplemented by the occasional guitar solo. The drums are solid and rhythmic and the bass play is thick and as heavy as heavy can be. Flowing over the musicianship are the vocals that are smoky and filled with grit.

All throughout this EP, the musicianship is on point, and Dead End Scene sure does know how to capture your attention and keep it. Dance On Broken Glass is highly infectious and very potent. The only criminal thing about this EP, is that it isn’t longer.


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