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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

January 10, 2016

Let’s start Monday off right with a little bit of mayhem shall we? Below you will find four bands that will help you jump start your week and keep you energized. Enjoy responsibly!



Blasting its way out of the smoldering darkness is Existence Is Horror, the new release by The Lion’s Daughter. There isn’t anything about this release that is subtle. Every song is in your face and doesn’t back down. Existence Is Horror is an aural assault, and not only that it just is an assault. There isn’t anything quite like experiencing such a forceful darkness, or just experiencing such a bone rattling and jarring album. The Lion’s Daughter try to make you as uncomfortable as possible when listening to their new effort, and they do a pretty good job of making you shake in your boots. The out pour of visceral energy coupled with a thick and sludgy hate makes for a damning experience. Every song on this album is thunderous and is made to instill a certain amount of fear in the listener. Existence Is Horror seems to be made with the end of days in mind, as it could very well be the sound track to everyone’s demise. Each song is filled with crushingly heavy and thick riffs complimented by pounding and chaotic drums. The bass is hard hitting and really makes you pay attention to it, and when you aren’t that’s when you get cracked across the head. Tearing its way through the music are the throat shredding vocals, and it sounds as though the vocalist is about to puke his own throat out of his mouth. Not only just one thing is jarring with Existence Is Horror, but everything is. Once you get by the chaotic musicianship you think that nothing else could be quite as eviscerating, but you would be wrong. There are layers of filth, walls of sound that aren’t even close to penetrable. Existence Is Horror really is horrifying. It’s a slaughtering slab of metal, one that is dark and abyssal, and one that you should be paying attention to.



If you like your music, low, slow and completely crushing, then HUSH is the band for you. Their new release Nihil Unbound is all of those things and then some. The weight of this release crushes you without thinking twice about it. It is heavy piled on top of heavy, and darkness piled on top of more darkness. The slow and low approach that HUSH takes is slow enough to slow your heart rate and your blood pressure to an alarming stand still. You can’t exactly escape what is coming for you, and what is coming for you is a focused beam of buzzing hatred that is aimed directly at your chest. Nihil Unbound is an unrelenting force, one that takes all of your hopes and aspirations and squashes them like a bug. Under all of the buzzing weight, that is essentially what you are. HUSH isn’t remorseful. They want you to know how much pain and darkness you really are in, and that amount is astounding. Through five songs you are thrust into an abyssal blackness from which you will never be seen again. Each riff is a monolith, it is a wall of fuzz lined noise that jars your brain and rattles your ear drums to the point of bleeding. The bass lines on top of the riffs only add to the buzzing assault and to the disorienting sound that you come to listen to. The drums are rhythmic and pounding and when you go to sleep you’ll see them pounding against your eye lids. On top of the slow and low music, the vocals are dissonant and shredding as they are screamed at you from what seems to be inches away from your face. Overall HUSH creates a sound that is terrifying, and even though you may want to run, you get drawn into the darkness. Nihil Unbound is a slow drawn out buzzing torture, and it certainly is a listen for any doom fan.



Hailing from Germany is Verheerer and blasting through the gates of hell with them is their album Archar.  Coming out of what I have to assume are some dismal woods, and seemingly nowhere, Verheerer unleash a beast of an album. Archar is focused and has drive and is a barreling blasphemous force to reckon with. There is a hell of a lot going on with this release, and Verheerer put everything together expertly to create a maddening and forever darkening sound. With only four songs, there is enough black metal to go around. Archar is a pretty long release, and with that length Verheerer submit you to some pretty intense and immense soundscapes. Mind you, this is only an EP and it gets you lost in the woods. A full length would be ten times as devastating and harrowing. Verheerer play in the traditional sense of black metal, but they also throw in some modern touches as well. There is enough atmosphere within this release to choke a horse, and there is enough darkness in this release to turn the purest of heart into the sickest heathen. Each of the four songs sparks up a fire that blazes true and bright for people miles away to see. As long as the songs are, they don’t slow down for anything. Every riff is poisonous and strikes like a serpent. The drum rhythms are tumultuous and skull shattering, and as the drums take a toll on your skull, the bass is draining and rumbles like a storm. The vocalist roars and screeches deafening dissonant vocals over the filthy musicianship. This EP should be on everyone’s radar, and Verheerer is a band that should be paid close attention to.



We began with a shot out of a cannon, and we end with a shot out of a cannon as well. Hailing from France we find Harm Done and their release Abuse/Abused.  To say that this release is chaotic would be an understatement. It is a grinding madhouse that beats you senseless and even once you beg for mercy it still keeps hitting. There are seventeen songs present on Abuse/Abused, so it is like going seventeen rounds with a heavy weight boxer. Harm Done shoots out of the gate with the intent of making your life a living hell, and that is exactly what they do. There are no moments of solitude, there are no serene moments. The only thing that you get is pure and explosive energy. Once unleashed, it is a powerful explosion, one that peels the skin back on your face. All throughout this release you get blitzed with intensity and power. Each riff is turbo charged and the drums are completely terrifying and played at almost an inhuman pace. The bass is brutish and pushes you around the room like a rag doll. Screamed in your face are the vocals, and they really are screamed. They’re loud and punishing and the vocalist probably had a few popped blood vessels after he was finished with recording. If going toe to toe with a brute like this is what you need, then this is exactly what you are looking for. Abuse/Abused really does abuse you and is certainly a slaughtering effort by Harm Done.


That concludes this Monday Morning Mayhem! I hope it spurs you along to complete the day we all know and love. Enjoy responsibly!

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