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Sacrilegium: Angelus

January 10, 2016

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After almost twenty years after their release of their  1996 release titled Wicher and after fifteen years of being split up, Sacrilegium is back to horrify and mystify with their cold and ever blackening brand of black metal. Released at the end of last month was Angelus a brand new single from their upcoming album which is scheduled to be released in the spring on 2016.

The single Angelus comes with the studio version of the song which will be on the new album and the demo version as well. Sandwiched between the album version and the demo are remixes done by: In Slaughter Natives, Zenial, ROD, and Echos of Yul. Each remix adds something new to the song itself of course and provides for an entertaining listen.

Focusing back on the single at hand Angelus (the album version), is just a little teaser before the full length is released later this year. Sacrilegium is known for playing a dark and demonic style of traditional black metal, and after 15 years of being broken up, they haven’t missed a beat. Angelus is as cold and soul piercing as you would like it to be. Everything that you love about traditional black metal is present here.

To begin the song you get some atmosphere that is cold and haunting which almost sets the tone or the rest of the song. After the intro to Angelus is over, Sacrilegium dives head first into blistering black metal. Once Angelus picks up the smartest thing you can do is move out of its way. It is one giant steamrolling ball of blasphemy and dark imagery.

The riffs snake their way around your neck squeezing you until your eyes pop as the drums roll on never to stop even after they have completely barreled through your chest. The bass is thick and provides a nice rumbling backbone. Over top the sordid melodies and the frigid atmosphere are the vocals that are gritty and sound as though the lead singer is gargling broken glass.

If this single from Sacrilegium doesn’t get you excited for their new release due out later this year, I can’t tell you what will. Angelus is everything that black metal should be, and everything that black metal is. After some time off Sacrilegium rises from the ashes to scorch the earth with their terrifying brand of black metal. With Angelus, Sacrilegium says they are back and here to stay.

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