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Last Frontier: Theta Healing (Through the Poison)

January 11, 2016


If prog metal is your thing, or if metal is your thing in general, then Theta Healing (Through the Poison) should be on your list of albums to check out. This release by prog metal juggernauts Last Frontier bursts into the stratosphere with a great display of story telling as well as musicianship. An album as commanding as this will not tolerate going unnoticed, and if it does, it will somehow find a way to seep into your mind and fester there for days to come.

Last Frontier are as progressive as they get, and with this release they paint great soundscapes and dig deep into your brain unlocking worlds you never knew existed. Some of the worlds are wonderful and colorful, while others you’ll find are haunting. All at the same time Last Frontier paints these soundscapes that can be both wonderful and yet harrowing.

Theta Healing (Through the Poison) is catchy and adventurous. As long as the songs are and with the album close to an hour long, you will remember each riff, melody, and lyric in every son. Each song is incredibly smooth and very well crafted and executed.

It is a bit challenging to find an album that is silky all the way through, but with Theta Healing (Through the Poison) you can say that it is silky smooth all the way through. There are no choppy bits or anything that gets confused or lost within this release. Last Frontier is incredibly focused and pin point with everything that they present here before you.

Last Frontier has you traverse through a labyrinth of sounds. In each song you get wall to wall riffs that are paired with sharp guitar solos. In fact Last Frontier cranks riffs out like nothing. They’re highly memorable and catchy, yet very powerful and potent all at the same time. Complimenting the riffs are the keyboards that poke through and supply you with plenty of atmosphere and feeling.

Pummeling its way along are the drums that are rhythmic and forceful as the bass presence is immediately felt as it injects itself immediately into the fold. Soaring over the clean musicianship are the vocals. The vocalist pours his heart out when singing and his voice is soothing and honey sweet, yet commanding and moving all at the same time.

Theta Healing (Through the Poison) is an album that can’t be ignored. If you are a die hard prog metal fan, then this should belong in your collection, and if you just are a fan of metal in general this is for you too. If you find one gem in this album, you’ll end up finding many after a few listens.


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