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Il Vuoto: Weakness

January 12, 2016


There isn’t anything quite as depressing and haunting as funeral doom, and these Italians are here to provide you with your years worth of depression. Weakness is the title of their most recent release, and it is a seven track album that throws you head first into a downward spiral of loneliness, longing, isolation and depression. With only one song that comes at the midway point of the album to break up your descent into madness, the album crawls along, buzzing and filling your head with whispering words of solitude. Weakness almost makes you feel as though you are standing in the rain at a funeral for a loved one, hence the funeral doom categorization.

Weakness seems to have been fermented in all of the depressing thoughts and that everyone has had over the last year or so. You can feel the pain and sadness spilling from your speakers, and every step of the way as you listen you grow more and more dreary and heartbroken. Your long suppressed darkness and sadness that has been dwelling in you for quite some time comes back to choke you up and remind you of all of the bleak happenings in your life.

To make the listen that much more dismal, Il Vuoto adds the likes of samples of rain, choral singing and the occasional use of an orchestra to further progress the shrouding darkness. All throughout Weakness you end up buckling beneath the weight of a dismal fog. Maybe you are mourning a loved one, and maybe it is your own funeral.

Weakness is a completely darkened and soul sucking venture. The darkness only closes in on you as the album progresses, and there is no sign of escape. Sooner or later you become enveloped in dismal harmonies and blackened melodies, which takes your mind to dark corners and abyssal isolated places.

The entire album is filled with fuzz, and buzzes around your ears like hundreds of locusts. Weakness is a slow moving glacier and as slow as it is it is equally cold. All throughout the album you get haunting melodies and cold and damp atmosphere. Each riff lurches through the fog and hangs above your head like a spirit sent to haunt you for the rest of your days. The bass is a buzzing nightmare that invades your dreams turning them into nightmares as the vocals are bellowing and casket caving.

Il Vuoto knows how to make you feel as though you are being lowered into the grave, alive or dead. Weakness is a dismal trek through depressing story telling and slow and low ghostly musicianship. Through the forty minute effort, you can’t help but to weep and find a hole and go crawl in it. If you are in the need for something entirely depressing and completely atmospheric, Il Vuoto has the album for you. And if you are just looking for good doom, Il Vuoto supplies that as well.

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