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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Anticosm: Anticosm

January 15, 2016

Anticosm Self-Titled 2015 Album Cover.jpg

Hailing from one of the most holy of states in the United States-New Jersey-comes blackened thrashers Anticosm and their self titled release. Running through Anticosm’s veins is pure metal and possibly enough beer to hospitalize a small horse. Anticosm provides an energetic throw back to thrash metal. They provide you with a bit of nostalgia with a twist on old school thrash metal. You still get the bullet belts, the leather jackets, booze and all that, but with Anticosm you get a bit of a spin. There isn’t anything fake about them and there certainly aren’t any unwanted genres that make their way through.

What you get for nine raw and original tracks (and one cover) is something that is incredibly volatile and entirely explosive. Once you throw this self titled release on a pit opens up to the bowels of hell and swallows you only to have Anticosm waiting for you at the bottom to shred your face off and party with the devil.

Anticosm engulfs you in blackened flames and drags you into the craziest demon filled booze riddled party of your life. You will be lucky if you have a head after listening to Anticosm. There is no escaping the inevitable, and the inevitable is being headless after a neck snapping headbanging fervor.

Once the pit to hell opens and the highway is clear there is no slowing down. Anticosm only seems to know how to play at one speed, and that speed is mach five. The only time that the album comes to a slower tempo is during the mid section of the song Season of Ill Wind. During that little break you get, you get a bit of atmosphere that sounds like a hellish storm with some spectral voices creeping in the background. Your break doesn’t last long however, as the song picks right back up and aims to skewer you some more.

At the end of one listen you feel as though you’ve been hovering over an open pit with fire searing your flesh and crisping your skin to a nice golden brown, only for you to be fed to rabid demons that await your arrival. As mentioned, there are no breaks. You go from zero to one hundred in seconds and Anticosm never lets off the gas and they never press the brakes.

Riffs swirl around you in a dizzying inferno only to be supplemented by guitar solos that melt skin from flesh and tear flesh from bone. The drums writhe and pummel leaving a crater sized hole through your skull. The bass gets its fair share of love as well as it is incredibly obese and wall crumbling. Vocals force their way through your music holes like a battering ram as they are ripping and throat shredding to say the least.

Anticosm leaves you in bad shape after just one listen . You become battered, bruised and scarred. This self titled release gets you enraged and leaves you in a thrash frenzy, and once that frenzy takes a hold of you your house and life are left in a bad way as well. Anticosm gets you headbanging all the way to hell and once you land in hell you will end up headbanging with the devil. What this New Jersey band does well is add a nice fresh twist to the stagnant genre that is thrash. They keep it old school, yet update it with their own flair and tenacity. This self titled release is a sickeningly good time as well as an album that you can listen and want to listen to over and over again. Try to keep your head all you want, you’ll end up losing it in a headbanging battle against Lucifer.

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