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Monday Morning Mayhem

January 17, 2016

Rising from the depths each week is Monday Morning Mayhem, and this week is no different. Barreling through your skulls and warping your mind are four more bands that embody the heaviest of metal. Enjoy responsibly!



Who’s ready for some destruction from down under? Good, that’s what I thought. Blind Oracle does hail from Australia and play a sickeningly technical brand of progressive deathcore. Between Blade & Flesh supplies you with five heavy hitting songs. The heavy hitting comes from the feeling that you get after one listen, and that feeling is the equivalent of having a lead pipe bounced off of your noggin for an extended period of time. As heavy as Blind Oracle is, the nice thing about their brand of deathcore is that they don’t focus all of their energy on breakdowns. They don’t just have breakdown after breakdown after pointless breakdown. Instead the majority of the music is focused on the progressive and technical side of things. Having an infinite amount of breakdowns never drives songs or albums forward or progresses them in a positive way. The breakdowns that Blind Oracle throw in are concrete shattering, but they don’t seem to be over used and forced down your throat. Blind Oracle and their progressive tendencies allow them the freedom to add in different elements to create a little bit of atmosphere here and there. During a few of the songs on Between Blade & Flesh, Blind Oracle slows the songs down to add a bit of an atmospheric tinge such as on the song “Red Wedding”. The thing that you get more than atmosphere however is a pure and raw beating. Blind Oracle does a great job about crippling you and leaving you close to death. Blind Oracle devastates you with incredibly down tuned savage riffs that are paired with mind warping guitar solos. The drum performance is a blasting and killer one. The bass is in your face the entire time and doesn’t go away until you feel entirely threatened. Forcing their way through your ear drums are the throat cutting subterranean vocals that are coupled with raspy gravel filled screams. Sprinkled into each song of course are the breakdowns and those hit you like a sack of bricks, but between breakdowns you get death metal romps that kick you straight in the chest. The overall consensus is that Between Blade & Flesh is heavy, and it isn’t just another cookie cutter breakdown fest. With solid writing and song craft, Blind Oracle supply you with your daily dose of heavy.



Good o’l psychedelic buzzing doom fuzz comes at you by way of God Root and their self titled EP. God Root supplies you with four tracks of fuzzed out slow and low mayhem. Two tracks really are interludes, the opener which gives off a tribal vibe to it and the song that is titled Interlude (Bog Ascending). The other two songs are the ones that really stick you with a buzzing and thick fuzz lined display of doom. God Root does their best and tries their hardest to have your mind rattle straight out of your skull. Once the opener Intro (Spirits Rise) concludes and Of Habit begins, you get thrust into a dark world where doom reigns supreme and escaping the buzzing psychedelia just isn’t possible. Each song is a wall of sound, it is a barrage of buzzing and poisonous noise. Much like most doom, God Root paints dark and fog filled soundscapes that take you on a strange odyssey. The music occasionally reaches a mid buzzing romp, but for the majority of the release God Root pumps you full of slow murky doom which is exactly what you would expect and exactly what you should get from doom. Listening to the lyrics and getting a real feel for the music leaves you in a pit of despair and isolation. The release is dark and filled with dark imagery and fill you with a dark mysticism. God Root leaves you with these thoughts because of their dirge of slow and low buzzing melodies and vocals that are screamed at you from the very get go. Each riff is lined with a heavy amount of fuzz that clogs your ears and works your way into your brain jarring it for the rest of the day. The bass supplies a lot of that fuzz at it slithers in the background and the drums give you a solid writhing performance. As mentioned, the vocals are yelled at you with a grit and dark dissonant intensity. The interlude that comes right in the middle of the release breaks up the buzzing assault a little bit, but after the two minutes is up you get thrust right back into a wall of noise and darkness. God Root and their self titled release certainly is a good effort and it supplies you with your fair share of atmosphere and more than your fair share of bone rattling doom. Any doom fan will find this release entertaining and more than fitting in their collection.



Offering their brand of Indonesian brutal death is Intracranial Parasite. Deviations Period of Inhumane is a ten track onslaught of pure and visceral brutal death metal. From the very beginning you get nothing but a wall of bloody and gore filled noise. Intracranial Parasite work their way into your brain much like a parasite, but instead of being the good type of infectious disease, Intracranial Parasite bores its way into your mind to desecrate your life. These Indonesian gore fiends display a great amount of brutalizing power that instills the right amount of fear in you and into the rest of their victims. Through the entire release, you feel as though you are being hacked up bit by bit and as slow and agonizing as possible. Deviations Period of Inhumane is a gore fest to say the least as body parts and chunks of viscera and clotted blood fly out of the disc at an alarming rate. Intracranial Parasite only know one speed and that is blisteringly fast. Never for a second do they slow down, and even when the slams hit they still don’t slow down. Through the ten tracks you get assaulted from every direction and even after they lay you to waste they still barrel through and find ways to make you feel uneasy. Every song is filled with a slaughtering amount of down tuned finger slicing riffs, heavy destructive and blasting drums, a bass that doesn’t quit and guttural that rip and shred your music holes. The overall sound of Intracranial Parasite is quite crippling, and even though the music isn’t entirely fresh or revolutionary, it still is a bludgeoning experience for any listener. You can’t get much more savage than this, and this is a pretty savage assault to say the least.



Responsible for working their way into your nightmares as well as responsible for Cthulhu sightings is Los Angeles based doom band Yidhra. With their Cult of Bathory EP, Yidhra focuses on the occult, witchcraft, death, life and others. The EP leaves you with a dismal fog lingering over your head. It is a dark and overall dismal sound that Yidhra pumps out through your speakers. Through all of the low and slow doom, Yidhra lines each song with a fair amount of groove and melody. Not a minute goes by when the music isn’t smooth and rhythmic. Even as buzz filled as they are the ride to the finish is never a bumpy one. Every song is laden with buzzing groove and slick melodies that get your head nodding and get you up and out of your seat. More than getting your head nodding, Yidhra make you feel the need to try and summon spirits and stir a cauldron thick with bubbling blood. Cult of Bathory is shrouded in mysticism and a dark thick cloud of smoke as well as a thick wall of buzz and fuzz. Yidhra is heavy and supply you with a thick and heavy feeling with serpentine riffs that are laden with groove and a nasty amount of fuzz. The bass presence is thick and bullies its way through the music filling your ears and jarring your mind as it bounces off of the walls of your skull. The drums are rhythmic and supply a good amount of galloping madness. The vocals are gritty and powerful providing a certain haunting feeling to the music. Not only is Yidhra low and slow, but when needed they kick on the afterburners and gallop along quite nicely giving you a little bit of variety as well as a little bit of a break from the buzzing doom madness that you have been subjected to for the entire release. Yidhra lowers a nice dense fog with this EP, and once they have their boot on your chest with their crushing style of doom they never let up once. If you are looking for some good occult doom, Yidhra are the guys you should turn to.


That concludes Monday Morning Mayhem. Hopefully it provided you with the jump start that you need for the beginning of the week. Keep headbanging and enjoy!

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