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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Drama/Perdition Winds: Drama/Perdition Winds Split

January 18, 2016


When two black metal juggernauts meet and combine to create a split, what do you get? You end up getting thirty minutes of blasphemous hell fire laden music. There are only three songs that belong on this split, two to Drama and one to Perdition Winds, and combined you get savage black metal. Both bands compliment each other very well since they both play a relatively similar style of black metal. Both bands are rooted in traditional black metal, but each band provides a little bit of progressive elements to their songs.

Each band provides you with enough blackened atmosphere to suffocate even the most seasoned black meal enthusiast. Each song is riddled with evil and once you pop this disc in a lingering poisonous cloud pays you a visit only to hang over your head until your soul gets completely sapped from your body.

The three songs that are present are raw and unfiltered, yet they are focused and driven to drag you down to the dark and fiery depths of hell from which they came. Not all of the thirty minutes is filled with blazing and blistering black metal either. Each song breaks into a more atmospheric sound allowing you to feel the hate and isolation that was injected into each song.

Good black metal bands have always had an innate ability to make you feel a certain way, and are able to create a certain atmosphere without compromising their original goal and Drama as well as Perdition Winds provide that for you. Without having to remotely try that hard, each band makes you feel cold, isolated and as though you’ve been shoved in the dark and deprived of all of your senses.

The long run times on the three songs give both bands enough time to slaughter your morals and steal your humanity. Every minute of this split is filled with a dark essence that is both terrifying and mystifying at the same time.

The main difference between both bands is the way that both approach the same genre. They both have similar styles, but each has a different way about going about things. Drama leans more of the progressive side of black metal, whereas Perdition Winds borders more on the traditional ground and pound side. Perdition Wind’s thirteen minute trudge to hell is a pure blistering assault that really only lets up for a few minutes during the mid section of the song. After those few minutes are up, the pummeling reignites and you better be strapped in because your descent to the depths of the netherworld won’t be smooth.

Drama does have those purely blistering tendencies as well, but each of their two songs builds up to that slaughtering pace. Instead of being a purely visceral assault, Drama plays more at a mid tempo and kicks on the afterburners when needed. Really, Drama and Perdition Winds play an incredibly similar style of black metal, there are just some minor differences.

All throughout the effort you do get stinging and cutting riffs, tumultuous drumming, a thick and powerful bass and vocals that can summon the dark lord himself. On top of the blackening musicianship is the atmosphere that both bands provide, and that atmosphere comes in the form of a suffocating cloud of sulphuric lung searing black metal. This split is hellish, goulish, nasty and down right filthy and evil. In other words, it’s pure black metal and a great and purely evil split.

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