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Wasted Shells: Dark Matter

January 22, 2016

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Wasted Shells is a unique thrash metal band as they fuse anger and aggression with some melancholic and dark elements. For the better part of their new EP titled Dark Matter, Wasted Shells plays with the utmost intensity and with down right menacing riffs. Four of the six songs are rippers except for the last two that are played at a much slower tempo and really let the darkness and depression creep in.

Wasted Shells does a great job of mixing tempos as a matter of fact. Not every song is full tilt cranked to eleven all of the time. Most of their songs offer a little slower break and pour some morose and melancholy sounds over your head drenching you in solitude and depression.

These darkened Swedish thrashers throw something different into the realm of thrash. While there is a lot being added by different bands now, coupling thrash with black metal, death metal and other influences, Wasted Shells decides to add some emotion as well as post metal influences into the mix.

Instead of filling your listening holes full of lyrics about beer, big government or conspiracies and the like, Dark Matter focuses are darker matters. Those darker matters that Wasted Shells writes about brings an almost abysmal overtone, creating darkened clouds and making you question humanity.

Dark Matter shoots out of the gate with Tox which is a ripping track that bulldozes everything in its path and never slows for anything or anyone. After Tox each song except for Today (The Edge) and 2215 are rippers and only really slow down and display the more melodic and melancholic side of Wasted Shells when needed.

The more thrash oriented songs display crunching and sharp riffs that are backed by a thick slapping bass and drumming that is tight and pin point. Every song packs a variety of vocals as well as the vocalist displays nice range as he switches from screaming his throat out immediately to a clean vocal that sounds almost gothic and laden with plenty of darkness.

The latter two songs offer up a little bit more of the atmospheric and melodic side of Wasted Shells. Both songs are slower but each are still very heavy. You don’t get the ax wielding riffs and sickening solos as you do in the other songs, but what you lack in head caving headbanging they make up for in melody and droves of heart melting emotion.

No matter what you get within this six track EP, whether it be the hell raising thrash or the quick darkness that settles in when listening to the slower melancholic songs, one thing stands true, and that is that Dark Matter is a great listen. Within just six songs you get a wide range of variety and not only just in the music itself, but with all of the different emotions that you feel during the roller coaster ride of emotion. You can’t go wrong with Wasted Shells, and you can’t go wrong with Dark Matter either.

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