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Moloch: Verwüstung

January 23, 2016


If you are ever wondering what it is like to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold, you really just have to listen to Moloch. Their brand of black metal and with their new album Verwustung you get pure ambient and atmospheric black metal. Moloch is raw and unfiltered and really makes you feel a little uncomfortable with their style of dismal black metal. There really aren’t too many ways to describe the music, other than dark, dismal and evil.

The opener Todesstille sets the tone for the rest of the album. Todesstille sets you in a dark mood already, and brings you to a place of despair where the walls are forever closing in on your sanity. What you get with this opener is a cold sound from synths that set everything else up, and after the five minutes of blasphemous darkness are over, you get even more purely blasphemous and blistering black metal.

Moloch is raw black metal in every sense of the word raw. Nothing about their style is glossed over or over produced. Everything is as it should be when listening to black metal. You get the cold isolated feeling, the dissonance, the evil that seeps through your speakers only to take control of your mind, and you get pure soul burning black metal in the process.

Coupled with the unfiltered searing black metal efforts, you also get your fair share of atmosphere, and Moloch makes sure that that does not go unnoticed. Every song is riddled with frost filled atmosphere that makes you feel as though you’re alone in a pitch black forest. The damning atmosphere that is paired with the scorching black metal makes for one ghoulish time.

There isn’t much that you can do to ward off evil and fend off the darkness that is ever so quick with turning your soul into a melting pile of molten hell fire. Upon taking a listen to Verwustung, Moloch guides you out of the light and deep into a savage darkness. The entirety of Verwustung is covered in flickering flames of blackened torment and humanity slaughtering blackness.

Moloch is sordid and grim and it starts with the hellish way in which they play. Sharp piercing riffs spew from the ever stirring cauldron of hate as the drums as tumultuous as they are writhe and pummel your ear drums. The bass is thick and serpentine wrapping itself around your neck as hellish and tortured vocals spew venom from your speakers.

The way in which these Ukrainian black metal fiends play is utterly evil and completely covered in molten darkness. Each song is damning, focused and incredibly raw and powerful. You can’t escape being dragged down into a feverish fit of black metal rage when listening to this effort. The production is great, the musicianship is sharp and overall, Verwustung is a true and purely raw and sinister album.

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