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Riffocity: Disciples of the Storm EP

January 23, 2016


Riffocity is a more than appropriate name for a thrash metal band, and with a name like that you expect to get hit with droves of heavy hitting riffs. With their EP Disciples of the Storm, Riffocity definitely does supply you with plenty of riffs to air guitar to and shred out to.  These Greek thrash monsters take the old school thrash approach and turn it up to eleven. Each of the six tracks is a fast paced romp that gets the blood pumping and gets you spinning in a thrash metal frenzy.

Riffocity is true thrash through and through to the point where you can almost see thrash and heavy metal coursing through their veins. The production of this EP is great as well, as everything is crisp, clean and clear. With the great production you get nothing but pure molten metal to headbang and destroy your apartment to.

Nothing about Disciples of the Storm is slow, and really I don’t think that these lads in Riffocity have the word “slow” in their vocabulary. Thrash isn’t about being slow anyway, it’s about blowing the doors off of some hinges and thrashing about until there just isn’t anything to destroy anymore.

All throughout the EP you get pummeled and sucked up into the storm that you see in the cover art. You get whipped around, slapped a few times, kicked in the face and punched in the gut. Riffocity does give you a storm of solid heavy ham fisted riffs that are used like a battering ram to destroy your ear drums and infect your mind with gritty thrash.

With all of the guitar trickery, and with as quick as they play, Riffocity is memorable and every song on Disciples of the Storm has memorable moments and catchy tunes that hook you and strap you in for an air guitar fest that is undeniable. Whether you want to or not, you may find yourself busting out the windmill headbang while shredding on your invisible Flying V.

Coupled with all of the furious play, Riffocity is also melodic and tight. None of the songs fly off the rails and sound like a disaster waiting to happen, and none of the songs sound like two trains colliding. Each song is focused and sharp, providing you with all of your thrash needs without sounding too hectic.

The riffs are blazing and sinister and with those come shredding guitar solos that spew fire from your speakers as the drums pound their way through your door knocking you flat on your back. The bass is rhythmic and obese as it can be heard four doors down from yours. Riffocity also supplies a gritty thrash vocal that gets backed up by the occasional roar.

Disciples of the Storm is essentially a traditional thrash EP and it gives that vibe off as well. It’s a solid effort that gets you headbanging and in the mood for some thrash fueled antics that include trashing a hotel room and inciting a mosh pit. The musicianship is tight and the production is good, and Riffocity supplies a good time with a good listen.


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